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Barbados cruise passenger numbers fall


The number of cruise ship passengers arriving into the island between the first six months of this year has dropped by 17 per cent when compared to the same period in 2005. This comes despite the fact that the number of ships coming into the port has increased from 240 to 272, or 13.3 per cent.

The January to June figures were released by the Barbados Statistical Service yesterday, which clearly defined arrivals as the number of cruise ship passengers who did not permanently disembark in Barbados. On the other hand, the number of landed passengers made a 25.7 per cent leap from 51 775 in 2005 to 65 571 this year. This figure includes passengers who permanently disembarked in Barbados as well as direct-transits or transfer passengers, tourists and Barbadian residents.

Isolating the figures specifically to the month of June, a 10.5 per cent decrease in arrivals can be seen from the 2005 figure 25 596 to 22 905 this year. On a brighter note, the number of landed passengers made a 96.7 per cent jump in the month of June from its 364 total last year to 716 this year.

Also revealed yesterday were the tourist arrivals by country of residence during the first six months of this year in comparison to the same period last year, where a minimal increase of 4.6 per cent was recorded.

Figures revealed that there was an increase of 2.7 per cent from the United States and a 3.6 per cent increase in visitors from the United Kingdom.

However, making a substantial jump were arrivals from Germany and Trinidad and Tobago, which recorded 18.5 per cent and 17.4 per cent increases respectively. There was a 0.2 per cent decline in arrivals from other European countries and an 8.9 per cent increase in other CARICOM countries.

In June alone, there was an influx of Trinidadians coming into Barbados, raising the figure by 47.5 per cent over the same period last year. German arrivals also made a significant jump of 35.2 per cent.

(Barbados Advocate)