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Bahamas Celebration lightly damaged by fire 12/12/2011


What Fire Can Do To A Cruise Ship In Port !

These pictures, which I took over a seven hour period at St Thomas, gives an idea of what can happen to a cruise ship when it catches fire in port. :eek:

The ship was the ' Angelino Lauro ' which had been chartered for three years and was being operated by ' Costa Cruises ' !

She finished up as a burnt out wreck on the harbour floor.

Most of her passengers lost all their belongings as they had been ashore when the fire started.

I was on the 1972 built ' Sun Princess ' when the fire started and although we were full we still took about 420 of her stranded passengers back with us on the overnight cruise to San Juan so they could get their flights home.

They were given a buffet dinner and a continental breakfast before disembarking the next morning.

A full report with my other pictures of the ship is on the Australian ' ss maritime ' website.


07.11 ao 21.jpg
07.11 ao 31.jpg


Those fire pictures are just awful, and hard to look at! Really sad. I am so glad the fire was able to be contained on the Bahamas Celebratiion!