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Back to Back Cruises


Has anyone on this board booked a back to back cruise and had the first leg of it cancelled by the cruise line?

As you know, Mike and I were booked b2b on Star Princess for the 4/30 Transatlantic and the 5/15 Baltic. Princess did offer to fly us to Copenhagen from Ft. Lauderdale for the Baltic cruise on 5/15. That would cut 15 days off our vacation which has been planned for awhile. So, as an alternative we are now booked on Millennium's 4/30 transatlantic - FLL to Barcelona. Princess now wants nothing to do with us as far as getting us from Barcelona to Copenhagen on May 14th. I feel that Princess should take some responsibility here. We are now paying more for the transatlantic in a smaller cabin than we had booked on Star, flight to Copenhagen from Barcelona, 1 night in a hotel, and taxi to the pier. This trip is costing a lot more than it would have had the Star transatlantic not been cancelled.

The fire on Star was a tragic thing and I understand why Princess had no choice but to cancel the transatlantic but shouldn't they assume some responsibility for the back to back cruisers??? We will receive a refund (in 2 to 6 weeks) for the first leg plus 25% which they allowed us to apply to the May 15th cruise. And, now we are on our own.

Anyway, I am interested in opinions here. How do other cruise lines treat their passengers in a situation like this?



Princess has gone on record, saying that they would reimburse "out of pocket" expenses incurred by these cancellations. This would SEEM to be a "no brainer" They, SHOULD, I would THINK, pay for the airfare from Barcelona to Copenhagen, hotel and transfer!!!!!!! (CAB fare to cruise terminal, I think, FAR LESS than what Princess quoted you....OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!)

THEN, of course, will be the sticky question of Star REALLY being ready to sail on May 15. HARD to think about THAT one, with your cruise set on Magica:shock: :roll:


I hate to say this but what has been going through my mind is IF they were sure that Star was sailing on May 15th they would probably pick up these expenses without batting an eye.

But, now that they have completely washed their hands of me, if they cancel the May 15th cruise it will then be my problem since I booked with Celebrity. If I had taken their offer and had them fly me from Florida to Copenhagen they could just call me and say "sorry, cancelled".

Oh, by the way, when Princess called to advise us of the cancellation they told Mike that every other Princess transatlantic was booked solid and so they could not help us with an alternate.


Think it is DEFINITELY SCREAMING TIME, here. Time to be the UGLY QM2 Cruiser!!!!!!! GOOD LORD, they only missed ports and SEE WHAT THEY GOT!!!!!!! Class Action SUIT, etc..., etc, and so forth.

Robyn, are we SURE we want to sail Pacific Princess next February??????, seeing how they treat people????? Oh, Yes, I know, NOT really the same cruise line, but it IS, sort of.


Trust me we have been screaming! My travel agent got nowhere with them and last night they told Mike that they could not help us because we booked through a travel agent and not directly through Princess???? What's up with that??????

Needless to say, my travel agent was quite upset with Princess when we relayed their comment to her. I thought travel agents were the cruise line's bread and butter. Guess not.


Ok, My tendency has always been, to date, to be on the side of the Cruise Lines, (i.e. It is NOT THEIR fault, if someone gets drunk and falls overboard) BUT, THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!

HOWEVER, the fire started on Star Princess, it would SEEM that there would HAVE to be something seriously wrong on the ship to have it spread SO FAST, SO HOT, and SO FAR.

Would THINK Princess would be bending over backward to make things RIGHT, ESPECIALLY for B2B cruisers:duh: :duh:


Will your insurance cover you in all events( ie if the worst happened and Princess cancels again)


I always had a good feeling about Princess but the more and more I read about them the further away I want to be from them.

I am not even a customer & I am really starting to get p**** at them :mad:

Aren't the customers that keep your business afloat???? Son of a nut cracker Princess..... Wake up & smell the coffee!!!

Man o man I am sorry that so many of you have to work around Princess & not the other way around.

Good luck




Insurance would cover the cost of flying us home from Copenhagen if 5/15 cruise is cancelled BUT we are not coming home so insurance will not pay to put us up in Copenhagen until 5/28 when we board the Magica. However, if Princess cancels I am sure they will refund cost of cruise +25% future cruise credit as they did with the 4/30 cruise so that will cover our expenses for whatever we choose to do until the Magica cruise. We will just need to have a Plan B before we leave!


Master of the Vessel
I know it is too late, but I saw this on another forum today:

Special Offer:
Star Princess Guests on Cancelled Sailings

This past week Princess Cruises announced it was canceling the upcoming cruises of the Star Princess including the April 30 Trans-Atlantic crossing. The Seven Seas Voyager has a similar Trans-Atlantic Voyage at 2-for-1 savings that also departs from Ft. Lauderdale on April 28 and sails to Funchal, Madeira. If you have guests that are impacted by this, we would like to make you aware that we have ample space on the Seven Seas Voyager’s crossing and can accommodate your clients.

In addition, we would be willing to protect them at the rate they paid for their Princess crossing and berth them in one of the Voyager’s balcony suites with all the added amenities that Regent Seven Seas offers including wine with dinner, gratuities and an in suite bar set-up.

Please contact your TA if this can apply to you. It's a fabulous opportunity.


Oh Terry & Mike...so sorry that your trip has been 'tarnished' with all this worry.

Think 'Plan B'....could always involve Switzerland.....or even (gasp) a visit to Bavaria????? :dancer:

Jeff's post seems a great idea to follow up on too! Hey...wine with dinner...can't go wrong there :D

I have my chin up (all of them..smirk) for you...and hope things work out!