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Asuka II


Something we missed:oops:

Asuka II left Yokohama on April 4th, for her initial (WORLD, I think????)cruise. Although I have seen her popping up on various port schedules, can find NOTHING much about her itinerary that isn't in Japanese:( :duh:


Here are the ports on her world cruise from April 4th - July 14th! Can't find an actual schedule listing exactly when Asuka II will be in each port though.

World Cruise
Yokohama, Japan; Singapore; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Salalah, Oman; Sharm El Sheikh, Suez / Port Said, Alexandria, Egypt; Piraeus, Santorini, Greece; Venice, Taormina, Naples, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Rouen, France; Warnemunde, Germany; Talin, Estonia; St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Dover, England; Quebec, Charlottetown, Canada; New York, New York; Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; Cristobal / Balboa, Panama; Acapulco, Mexico; San Francisco, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; Yokohama, Kobe; Japan

I guess we will have to keep our eyes on the port cams!!!


I tried several motnhs ago to get a schedule in English but failed. I see she will be transiting the Panama Canal and I don't have her listed because I can not get a date when she will transit.
As she was a Crystal Ship it would be nice to have her cam to view on The Panama Canal site as well as her date for all os to view.

If anyone on here reads Japanses I would love to be able to post the date on the schedule.

Thanks Terry for the update,



I found the schedule!!!!!:joy: Now some of this didn't translate out as Google is only in Beta From Japanese to English.

4/4 Yokohama Japan
4/11 Singapore Singapore
4/15 ColomboSri Lanka
4/20 サラーラ Oman
4/25 シャルムエルシェイク Egypt
4/26 Suez canal Egypt
4/27,28 Alexandria Egypt
4/30 ピレウス Greece
5/1 Suntory Limited Ni Greece
5/3,4 Venice Italy
5/6 タオルミナ Italy
5/7 Naples Italy
5/9 Barcelona Spain
5/11,12 Lisbon Portugal
5/15,16 Rouen France
5/19 ワルネミュンデ Germany
5/21 タリン Estonia
5/22,23 Sankut petersburg Russia
5/24 Helsinki Finland
5/25 Stockholm Sweden
5/28,29 Dover England
6/6 Quebec Canada
6/8 Charlottetown Canada
6/11,12 New York America
6/16 フ ゚ ラ ヤ テ ゙ ル カ ル メ ン / コ ス ゙ メ ル Mexico
6/19 The Panama canal Panama
6/23 Acapulco Mexico
6/28 San Francisco America
7/3,4 Honolulu America
7/13 Yokohama Japan
7/14 Kobe Japan

So it will transit the Panama Canal on June 19th W/B. Now any idea if the cam is still working?



Well I am still looking at dates etc. Found 2007 World cruise.

Looking at that link you have posted.

Anyone have 18,000,000 yen for a cabin on the world cruise?



Master of the Vessel
Liz :)

You know the link you made to the Japanese site...Did you notice the only thing in English on it??? Look at the very bottom. That is why I have them linked.

Of course the paragraph above it might say the most stupid website in the universe but hey.