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Are HAL ships good for families?


Have they got good facilities and plenty for the kids to do?

Do they cater for all ages of children in respect to food, drink etc?

Would you recommend them to families?

Are they good value for money, especially when family budgets are tight?

Would you take your family on a cruise with the again?

If not, why not?

lancashire lass

Anyone any information on this subject. Does HAL cater to adults more than children and teens?


I've sailed on 2 HAL ships now and I would not recommend them for parents with young children. HAL's pax are generally older and the 2 ships I was on do not really have the a lot of facilities for younger children - ie. pool area crowded so no run around space. I've seen Club HAL on both which is a play area for kids but did not see it open.