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Archives: Azure Seas


I remember her as the OCEAN BREEZE with Dolphin Cruise Line, then with the same name when Premier Cruise Line bought her. Then she was sold to Imperial Majesty Cruise Line and became the OCEAN MAJESTY. I got to see her as the OCEAN BREEZE, a very nice ship.


I cruised on Ocean Breeze when it was a Dolphin cruise line ship in 1994. It held like 750 passengers. It was before stabilizers and you knew you were on the ocean. My wife was sea sick the entire trip. It took me 7 years to get her on another ship. I believe it was built around 1950. Grace Kelly sailed over to Europe on it when she was going to marry her Prince. It was old time sailing with a piano player in the center of the dining room all night every night. I was sad to hear that it sank but I would never sail on it again anyways.


Shaw Saville shipping line had the Southern Cross built for the UK Australia run in the late fifties, she was the first with her machinery at the stern, funnel at the stern leaving clear deck space for the passengers on their six week voyage to Sydney Australia. She was a great success so a copy was built, named the Northern Star,she was a disaster and only survived for fifteen years. Southern Cross was sold many times and had many names, but ended up on the beach at Chittagong were she was broken up.
Southern Cross chittagong 04.jpg