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I just received my copy of the Princess cruises brochure for 2006/2007 to "Exotic Places". Knowing that they had transferred Royal to P&O and were likely to do the same or similar with Regal, I was more than a little interested to see which ship they planned on covering the South America/Antarctica cruise area. O.K. now guess :nono: :nono: Bet you got it wrong! "Golden" all 100,000+ tons of her with 2000+ passengers :roll: I was fortunate enough to go there a few years back at which time ships were restricted to 500 passengers but then of course this allowed for getting off in zodiacs which there will be absolutely no chance of on Golden. What on earth is Princess (sorry Carnival) thinking of in putting such a monstrosity down there :( In my opinion this is stretching the bounds of reasonableness beyond breaking point but, more importantly, sets a massive (forgive the pun ;) )precedent. One of the last few unspoilt places on Earth suddenly got a lot nearer commercialism and it is a sad day :nono: :nono: :nono:
Thank goodness I went there in time. Paul

bob brown

You are indeed fortunate to have experienced Antarctica in the "good old days", when smaller ships prevailed. Many would agree that cruising in general was better back then; when but a fraction of todays mass market enjoyed a taste of the good life of a cruise. Today you can still enjoy that type of experience if you choose an upscale luxury line or an expedtion type cruise. Some places such s the Galapagos strictly limit the size and number of ships visiting. Bermuda used to, but look who's going there now(Voyager of the Seas). The economics must have been too tempting for Bermuda retain its old limitations.
I am of the opinion that it is great that so many more of us can afford the experience once limited to an elite few. I also think its great that there are so many choices one can make, so there is something for everyone.