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Alaskan Glaciers


Staff member
What some people do not know is that there are three types of glaciers. All glaciers took many years even in some cases centuries to form. All three types of glaciers are in Alaska. There is a hanging glacier. This is one that has formed and just seems to hang high in the mountains never seeming to move or change.

There is a retreating glacier. These are glaciers that are actually shrinking and disappearing. These are what created the fjords and many waterways in Alaska. You can see a lot of the silt left behind which is the rocks and ground that the glacier ground up in its path when it was advancing and growing.

The third glacier is the tide water glacier. This is the one that is still advancing and the people love to see calving, which means parts of the face are falling off the glacier. These are the glaciers that make the loud cracking sounds called white thunder. These are the ones that you see walls of ice breaking off and falling into the water.

The truth is that many places in Alaska you can see all three types of glaciers all at once. College Fjord is one of those places frequented by cruise ships.