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A beauty long gone, but not forgotten...SS Norway (France)



Any Norway news? Did she reach Asia? Any thoughts on her future, if she is to have a future. We sailed our first cruise on her in January '81 for our honeymoon, and again in '91 for our 10th anniversary. The Norway holds a special place in our hearts.


Interesting find Wolfgang. We were under the assumption when she left Bremerhaven that she was already set to be a hotel. Now it looks as though there is a last minute effort to sell her off again. I'm sure if there are no takes she is around the corner from Alang.
As I said before my take is that that is where she is unfortunately headed.


Yes, it looks like the curse of DeDa may hold true:cry:

I forget.....what was the story?????? Something about asbestos removal????? ........ that made it advantageous for NCL to claim that she was heading to be a hotel, when maybe really she wasn't?????


Master of the Vessel
Hello Robert ;)

As of now there is still much speculation as to her disposition. Found this on Cruise Talk Forum

From Piet Sinke's daily column of March 25th, 2006:
Norway Sold - Again

A story in today's online edition of the Star newspaper reports that the Norway, former flagship of Norwegian Cruise
Line, has been sold to a Bangladeshi businessman for $12 million dollars. If true, this will be the second time the ship
has been sold within the past three months.
Back in January, the ship's owner, NCL-parent Star Cruises announced the ship had been sold and was headed for a
scrap yard in Chittagong. That plan took an unexpected turn when Star learned that it might be subject to significant
environmental-related fines if the ship was broken up because she still contained more than 3,000 tons of asbestos.
Environmental groups have for a long time been targeting the ship breaking activities in India and Pakistan claiming
that the largely manual process of scrapping a ship releases hazardous materials into the environment. Most recently,
they joined local groups to seek a court order in an attempt to block the scrapping of the former French aircraft carrier
Sources have indicated that fines related to the large amount of asbestos on board could range as high as $10 million.
Those of you that have been following this saga from the beginning may remember that sceptics claimed Star's
announcement that it was moving the ship from Germany to Asia last year to become part of a resort was nothing
more than a way for the company to dodge European environmental laws. While the sale announced today has all the earmarkings of a sale for scrap, it is not clear how the new owner will
overcome the asbestos-related issues. Following the uproar in January, the Bangladesh Environment and Forest
Minister issued an order preventing the ship from entering Bangladesh territory.
It is possible, although unlikely, that the new owner will attempt to convert the ship into a hotel or resort facility. At
this point however, there is no indication that this is part of the plan.
There appears to be a lot of concern over the asbestos within her. Even Bangladesh will have nothing to do with Asbestos.



Hi folks.

Just picking up on this thread....such a shame...BUT if asbestos is involved....FORGET IT...she will unforunately, never be revived!

Here in Oz, we are finding asbestos in many unsuspected places...schools, train stations, government buildings etc.etc.:whew:

Regrettably, I deal in these sorts of cases almost on a daily basis...quite distressing...but whether it be on land or sea...the problem remains!

3,000 tons of asbestos :eek: :eek: :eek: Whooaaa!!!!!



Back in the dark ages, when I was in elementary school, overcrowding caused some of us to do 5th, 6th and 7th grades in an old fashioned country school house. Quick renovation work left it so that when you went in in the morning, you had to clean asbestos dust off the desks.

Suppose it is a miracle that I am still walking around....wonder how many are NOT:cry:


Some of us can still remeber the days when asbestos was in common use.
There used to be circles of asbestos to place over stove elements and it
was used prolifically as insulation. Now, of course, it's deadly effects
are well known and taking their toll. My brother-in-law succumbed to a
form of lung cancer a few years ago. He was a Chief Petty Officer in the
Navy, working in the engine rooms of many older ships. Now, many other
sailors with similar experiences are being diagnosed with the same cancer.
Sure, removal is expensive but the alternative -???


Remember that the accepted method of desk cleaning was BLOWING it off the desks. TALK about a toxic atmosphere:shock:


They just closed down a large hotel near our airport.

As the remodeling began, they found the dreaded substance.

No more work. Now they have to either remove and then re-model or just
take the whole structure down.

Liz, do you remember "Angel Hair " that we used to put on the xmas trees ?

What was that made out of ? I know it could cut your fingers.

It wasn't that asbestos was it ? I hated it. Prefered the tinzle.


Cruise Comedian
Dani, I think that Angel hair was spun fiberglass - not as deadly, but don't touch your eyes after handling it!!! Not a good :idea: