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1st nude cruise to Alaska in 2007 booked heavily


The first nudist cruise to the North next summer is quickly filling up, the U.S.-based tour organizer says.

Bare Necessities Tour & Travel president Nancy Tiemann said almost 70 per cent of the 1,300 spaces have been reserved on the Fire and Ice cruise, which will sail up the Inside Passage to Alaska aboard Holland America's Amsterdam from July 20 to 27, 2007.

Tiemann says the cruise's popularity is due to the destination, where average temperatures are in the 20 C range at that time of year, and the laid-back attitude among clothing-free vacationers.

"People who chose to take clothing-free cruises are people who not only just like to pack light but like to go on a totally stress-free vacation where it's not important if you're a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or you're a PTA mom," Tiemann said. "It's a real equalizer."

The only time passengers will be required to wear clothing will be in the formal dining area and when the boat arrives at the various ports along the way, she said.



I do admire people brave enough to bare all, but I wouldn't do it :eek:

Anyone cruising in Alaska that same week with a hubby should definately hide the binoculars ;)


Yes i suppose it would be logical to have one of those. they should have a special boat just for nude cruises; when i see the amount of nude camps that you can find these days i'm sure that many more people like to strip off than we can imagine.


I bet it was booked heavily! They just opened 2 new nudist camps near home bringing that to 4!it's incredible the success these sort of places have.
I'm not critisizing but i just couldn't show my family jewels like that to everyone