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  1. J

    Carnival Celebration review

    Jeff booked this ship for us to enjoy a special time. We had not been on Carnival and found this ship to be a very neat ship. It is smaller and older but this does not hurt the ship at all. Instead it allows you the chance to see all of the ship. To do all the activites you find important...
  2. J

    Happy Birthday Barb

    :bdaybiggrin: :birthday: :biggringift: :party:
  3. J

    What is your pirate name?

  4. J

    How to clean a computer???

    I have a computer I want to get rid of. I want to donate it to a charity. However, I must clear account information from it first. Does anyone know what to do to clean and clear the computer of personal information?
  5. J

    Flo-Rider on the Freedom

    Has anyone done this yet? What is your opinion of it? We go in November and my son (age 11) wants to do it. I would hate to see him break something and ruin his cruise.
  6. J

    Packing list

    Is there a packing list to access on the board?
  7. J

    What do you consider a chair hog?

    Just curious what you think.
  8. J

    Enchantment May 17, 2007

    Several of us are going on this cruise. Once again I will say I know it will be hard for the UK bunch to go but anyone is welcome to cruise with us. Jeff is staying out of this cruise. He is going to Myrtle Beach to a Harley Rally. Janet, Bonnie and I have a Aft Js booked and a couple of...
  9. J

    Enchantment March 31, 2007

    Just wondering if anyone would like to join us. Several of us are booked. I know it might be a tad bit hard for my UK buddies to do this but anyone is welcome to go. Janet, Bonnie, Jeff and I have two Aft Js's booked.
  10. J

    Favorite Excursion

    Do you have an excursion that you just loved? Please tell us about it. Cruising is so much fun and I would really love to hear some of the excursion each of us have enjoyed. Each line offers different things but similar. Plus each of us have different memories that make a specific excursion...
  11. J

    Dessert Recipes

    I have just come to realize the vast difference in sweets per geographic area. Not just from country to country. I love sweets. Please post your recipes here.
  12. J

    What is your favorite vacation?

    Ally if it is in the wrong spot please more this thread. lol What is your favorite vacation? Now I know this is a cruise board but that does not mean that is your favorite type of vacation. Mine is either a cruise or an All Inclusive Vacation.
  13. J

    Any itinerary better than another?

    Please remember I have never been to outside of the tropical areas. I have never ventured across the ocean. Could you suggest one itinerary over another? A dream cruise of mine is a Greek Isle cruise. But I really would like to hear some opinions of all the people who live in UK or Euorpe.
  14. J

    Is one line better than another?

    I want to do a European cruise. There are so many places I would like to go. Does anyone suggest one line over another? I am more familiar with RCI and would be more likely to book with them due to their discounts I can receive.
  15. J

    What Months?

    I may be wrong but arent the transatlantic cruises spring and fall? I would love to do one but I think it is when my I am too busy to take off from work. I was told June and September are good months to cruise in Europe. Does anyone know if they have Transatlantic cruises these months?
  16. J

    Onboard charging

    Oh I just got off the phone with RCI about our two reservation on the Freedom in November. I was so glad I called. I have learned so much. For some of you this may be old news but I truly was thrilled with the information Greg gave me. We have two room. The kids will be in one and...
  17. J

    Who wants to win the Lottery and what would you do with the money?

    Lets all dream a little here.... OK I work in the school system so I am currently not working. I have been on summer break now for a month and I so am dreading going back. If I won the lottery tomorrow at 100 million I could just tell work I am not coming back and Jeff would quit too...
  18. J

    Do Olsen cost more than other lines?

    Ally how expensive in US money are these cruises? It looks to be like a nice small ship. Small ships have something going for them.
  19. J

    Ways to add Romance

    http://travel.msn.com/Guides/article.aspx?cp-documentid=257091&GT1=8397 Eight Ways to Enhance RomanceEight Ways to Enhance Romance Something about being at sea brings out that feeling of amore. Maybe it’s the gorgeous views or the relaxed vacation ambience. Whatever your motivation, if...
  20. J

    Disney Cruise Line Recipes

    Since I have been on their cruises I can access some of the recipes online. Thought someone might be interested in them. I love each of the ones I am going to post. Konk Kooler This frozen concoction of light and dark rum is the signature drink on Castaway Cay, Disney's private island in...