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  1. John

    Happy New Year

    I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. May this year bring you all that you wish for.
  2. John

    Fire On Board Epic

    A friend of mine is currently on board Epic. She has reported that a small fire broke out this morning. There was lots of smoke, engines were cut and electricity off. After a few hours the fire was put out and the engine repaired. Epic is continuing with her cruise
  3. John

    e-coach tours in Cobh

    Has anyone used this company whilst visiting Cobh (Cork)? If so what where they like. Cork bus Tours to Blarney, Kinsale and Cobh
  4. John

    Woman Airlifted To Hospital From Cruise Ship

    A 75-year-old woman was airlifted by helicopter from a cruise ship 180 miles off San Diego and flown to a La Jolla hospital, the U.S. Coast Guard said Saturday. Woman Airlifted To Hospital From Cruise Ship - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego
  5. John

    Bon Voyage Stacy & Chris

    Have a great cruise down under. You'll love Australia. Look forward to hearing all about the cruise when you return.
  6. John

    Thomson Dream 12 October 2010

    Hotel Ibis Luton Check in procedure was straightforward. The staff were friendly and helpful. Only problem was they were French and at times it was difficult to understand them. The room was a nice size. The bed was comfortable, Tea and coffee facilities were provided as was internet...
  7. John

    The State Of Thomson Dream v Watchdog

    When I saw the Thomson Dream report on Watchdog a few weeks ago I was so close to cancelling the cruise only I would have lost my money. According to the programme there were sewage problems around the ship, soiled mattresses and threadbare furniture. So what is the ship really like. The...
  8. John

    Prinsendam damge reported due to severe weather

    Prinsendam damage reported due to severe weather It is being reported that Prinsendam has suffered some damage soon after leaving Scotland sue to severe weather. Damage included a dented bow and broken windows. Some passengers suffered minor injuries.
  9. John

    Jewel to miss Port on Current Cruise 2 Sept 1- - 16 Sept 2010

    A friend of mine onboard Jewel has been advised that the ship is to miss St Johns Newfoundland due to 35 meter seas between the port and the ship's current position. Apparently some passengers have complained to Guest Relations about missing the port and some have done it quite angrily...
  10. John

    Win A Cruise

    If you are interested in trying to win a cruise then try this link at the Daily Mail. I am afraid it is only for UK citizens. Win! A 15 night Caribbean cruise holiday for two on Ventura | Mail Online
  11. John

    Gluten Free diets

    Out of interest how does each cruiseline cater for those on a gluten free diet?
  12. John

    Gluten Free diet

    Does anyone know if Thomsons cater for travellers who are on a gluten free diet? If so what do you have to do before you board the ship?
  13. John

    Queen Elizabeth to name Queen Elizabeth

    Buckingham Palace have just announced that Queen Elizabeth is to visit Southampton next month to officially name Cunard's, Queen Elizabeth.
  14. John

    Happy Birthday Middy

    Happy Birthday Middy I hope you have a good one.
  15. John

    Thomson Dream Spa

    Does anyone know what facilities and treatments are available on the Dream?
  16. John

    Thomson introduces Dream menu

    I will check this out in a few weeks Thomson introduces Dream menu (Cruise Lines)
  17. John

    First Royal Caribbean Showroom Opens In Beijing

    China Youth Travel Group and U.S.-based Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited have opened their first cruise showroom in Beijing's Asian Games Village. more info here First Royal Caribbean Showroom Opens In Beijing - China Hospitality News - Corporate and Leisure Travel Planning for Hotels...
  18. John

    Man airlifted from cruise ship off Vancouver Island

    A 78-year-old man in medical distress had to be airlifted from a cruise ship off the west coast of Vancouver Island Monday afternoon. Read more: Man airlifted from cruise ship off Vancouver Island
  19. John

    United Airlines plane hits turbulence injuring 30

    Thirty people were injured when a United Airlines jet hit "heavy turbulence" over Kansas. The Boeing 777 was flying from Washington to Los Angeles at 34,000ft (10,000m) when it hit trouble. BBC News - United Airlines plane hits turbulence injuring 30
  20. John

    Spitzbergen July 2 to July 10 2010

    Day -1 Arrived in Dover. Stayed at premier Inn, Marine Court. Booked in with a problem. The price they stated was different to which I was quoted. I produced my confirmation and price was corrected with an apology. I paid with Leisure Vouchers which meant I got 10% off the price. We stayed in...