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  1. tigersxm

    Cruise DJ sails on Artemis July 18th

    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Rome, Cruise DJ! ;)
  2. tigersxm

    Tahitian Princess

    :D Now, there's a good idea, CJ! I could leave from Ft. Lauderdale.....and just keep cruising!!! :joy: Oh, please let me win the lottery!!! :pray:
  3. tigersxm

    Tahitian Princess

    John, I would do this cruise in a heartbeat!!! :luv: I cruised the Hawaiian islands several years ago on the Independence (Yes, the one with the leis on the smoke stacks) and loved that cruise. I've have not yet been on Tahitian Princess or Tahiti but it is on my list of things I must do...
  4. tigersxm

    Pictures of cruiseships.

    Once again, fantastic photos Erik!!! 8)
  5. tigersxm

    LEESRE sails on Oriana July 9th

    Thanks for the report, Rex. I'm glad you had good weather! Let me know if you will be posting pictures anywhere. :)
  6. tigersxm

    Other Port Cams

    Breathtaking shots, seacruise! Thanks for posting them! :)
  7. tigersxm

    Long Beach Cam

    I guess KNBC finally solved the problem with their cam! :clap: I am glad you are enjoying the St. Maarten cam. I wish I could be in St. Maarten right now! :)
  8. tigersxm

    Happy Birthday, Ro Lordi!

    Have a wonderful birthday and many more!!!
  9. tigersxm

    c-to-sea flys to England this Friday, 7/21,

    Good to hear you are having a good time, Cliff! I cannot believe it is sailaway already tomorrow! This week has certainly flown by! Enjoy! :)
  10. tigersxm

    A little help please?

    TOMORROW? That's great! What is your itinerary? You should post it in the stalking thread under "Are You Going On a Cruise Soon" so we can watch for Van Gogh on the port cams! :) Have a great time!!! :joy:
  11. tigersxm

    A little help please?

    Welcome Tomato3991! When are you going on Van Gogh and what is your itinerary? She looks like just the right size - looks to be about the size of Caronia :luv: (now Saga Ruby) - one of my favorites! I love the smaller ships! :) Have a blast!
  12. tigersxm

    Glacier Bay: Unusual formation

    Beautiful photograph, John! :)
  13. tigersxm

    Andrea Doria

    Welcome aboard, John! Very interesting article. Thanks for the link. :)
  14. tigersxm

    Captures as Cartoons

    Wolfgang, the pigeons flew all that way just to greet Dani! :D Ozzibob, that's the best one ever!!! :joy: By the way, Liz, you are not alone......I still cannot get that cam! :mad:
  15. tigersxm

    Cruise DJ sails on Artemis July 18th

    First for me too, Jackie! Looks like a pretty port...and with Artemis docked there even prettier!
  16. tigersxm

    CharlieW - Celebrity Constellation - Scandinavia/Russia - June 3 - 17

    Great report, Charlie! Glad you enjoyed the cruise! :)
  17. tigersxm

    Manuela sails on Grandeur of the Seas, Friday, July 21

    Cool video, Liz! It looks like Grandeur will have the port all to themselves today! Have fun Manuela! :)
  18. tigersxm

    Can You Identify.....

    Thanks, Jani! I have never heard of Naviera Armas! Looks like they have quite a few ferries. I learn something new every day! Thanks again. :) http://www.ferry-site.dk/ferrycompany.php?Rid=169%E2%8C%A9=
  19. tigersxm

    Other Port Cams

    Kiel Canal Astor transiting Kiel Canal today.
  20. tigersxm

    Can You Identify.....

    Madeira Any idea who is visiting Madeira today?