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    Nile Cruise

    Just booked a seven day cruise down the Nile. on Viking III. With Discovering Egypt, As anyone done one of these before. ??
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    Busy day in Southampton

    It must be a record, 5 cruise ships in Southampton today Queen Elizabeth II Queen Mary II Oceana Saga Rose Saga Ruby. A Very misty QMII from Oceana's cam
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    Travel Insurance

    Great !! at last I have managed to get Travel Insurance to cover me for a cruise around USA and Caribbean which is not going to cost me more than the cruise. (Always been refused before due to my Heart and Bloodpressure problems and the amount of pills I have to take). So hopefully we will...
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    Queen Victoria

    Not sure if you have seen these links Jackie. You probably have as it is an old posting but just in case. http://www.cunard.com/AboutCunard/NewsReleases.asp?Cat=&View=ViewArticle&Mode=News&ContentID=4262 and http://www.ivoya.com/luxury_cruises/cunard/queen_victoria/description.htm
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    Fred Olsen

    The following was on Seaview web, Quote Olsen takes delivery of Boudicca October 19, 2005 - Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has completed the purchase of Grand Latino from Grand Latino de Navegacion in Valencia. The ship, sister of Black Watch, will be renamed Boudicca and receive the Olsen...
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    CruiseDJ's P&O Artimis Booze Cruise 21st October to 25th October

    Artemis 21st October to 25th October Travelling As you may remember from my report on our “Arcadia” cruise of July 2005, we do not have too far to travel to Southampton from Kent, (approximately 102 Miles), So after a leisurely breakfast, refreshing shower and with all packing being carried...
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    Memories of Ships

    Dont know if the following site has been mentioned before, but it has some interesting stuff on P&O old vessels etc.. http://www.yalumba.co.uk/Framesets/P%20and%20O%20Line.htm
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    Bygone Ships Video's and DVD's

    The following website has some marvellous info on bygone ships http://www.snowbow.co.uk/index2.html
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    Ships Postcards

    A couple of links which were lost in the "hack" which I thought may be worth publishing again are the following . http://www.simplonpc.co.uk/ http://www.ocean-liners.com/ http://www.shipspotting.com/
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    CruiseDJ P&O Arcadia 21st Jun 2005 to 8th July 2005

    CruiseDJ Arcadia trip 21st Jun 2005 to 8th July 2005 As I still had a copy of my report I thought I would publish it again. We here it is at long last my first effort at writing a cruise report so please bear with me. Previous attempts of this report entered the “Recycle Binâ€...