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  1. Kristen532


    something wrong with centurys itineary Sunday, 9 Jul Amsterdam, Netherlands (7AM to 5PM)Monday, 10 Jul at SeaTuesday, 11 Jul Copenhagen, Denmark (7AM to 4PM)Wednesday, 12 Jul at SeaThursday, 13 Jul Stockholm, Sweden (9AM to 5PM)Friday, 14 Jul Helsinki, Finland (9AM to 6PM)Saturday, 15 Jul St...
  2. Kristen532

    online ship games

    can some one put up the links of online ship games please:roll:
  3. Kristen532

    Rosella 24.06.2006

    when we got off from mariella we took a boat trip wath showed island and talk the histori the trip wast 1,5 hours long then we went to amusmesnt park Linnanmäki theree a had a lot of fun i where there about 6 hours and then we went to the kaupatori and sited on the bench we watched the sea about...
  4. Kristen532

    Rosella 22.06.2006

    i woke up at 5 am in the morning we went on a buss wath departured at 6.am in the morning we where at port in 7 am i got on a ship 7.45am and ship departured 8.10am the ship was nice She drived 3 hours and then we got off we went to heureka the is a museum or scince centre we took train 15 min...
  5. Kristen532

    Viking Line Mariella 22-24.06.2006

    the trip started well. ship was very big and lots of sundecks i stayded very long the and the sun burned mine nose:whew: the ship departured 17.15 15 minuts earlyer than need we had a dinner in viking buffet(the food was good) then i came to online to check posts i stayed up about 2.am then i...
  6. Kristen532

    Kristen sails Thurday, June 22 on Rosella

    Kristen is coing on cruise on 22 june im going on a cruise from helsinki to stockholm On M/S Mariella so watch cams
  7. Kristen532


    im going to island Saaremaa tommorrow and will be back in 6 of june:roll: i will go on a ferry what will take me to saaremaa so i see you on 6 oh june in mine birthday:mrgreen:
  8. Kristen532

    someone in Estonia 2007 cruise season

    Is someone coming or plans to come? Mine parents are planing to go on a transatlandic and that Galaxys panama kanal gruise and transatlandic so mine summer will be on 2007 busy i hope that mine parents are deciding to go
  9. Kristen532

    hi everybody

    hi im new my name is Kristen Klaas and im from Estonia