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    Oasis OTS Ultra Fast Broadband

    Do you really want to be available 24/7 even while cruising? Oasis of the Seas set for ultra-fast broadband service from O3b
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    Three Queens in Southampton

    BBC News - Diamond Jubilee: City welcomes Cunard's Three Queens
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    Cruise Stalk Capricruiser on MSC Magnifica

    Capricruiser (or Chuck to his foes) will be embarking on the MSC Magnifica today in Kiel. Magnifca is due to sail at 16:00 on a 14 day Norwegian (including Spitzbwergen), up until yesterday afternoon it looked like that the cruise would have been A Magical Mystery Tour but then the strikes in...
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    Changes to Costa's Winter 2013/13 schedules

    From November 2012 Costa Classica will join Costa Atlantica in Dubai and Costa Magica will take the place of Costa Classica in Mediterranea. Only 4 ships (instead of the originally planned 5 ships) will be positioned in South America. Costa Cruises Shifting Capacity in Winter 2012/2013 -...
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    Who would you love to cruise with?

    If you had the chance who you would you love to cruise with (either living or someone from the past). Please when answering, don't forget this is a famly forum.:cool:
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    Disappointed in Costa Far East 2013 Program

    Just has a look at Costa's Far East for 2013, really disappointed in Costa's choice of itineraries, basically short cruises (can be combined) out of Singapore or Shanghai. There are 3 cruises Singapore - Shanghai or vice versa, nowhere near as exciting as the original Atlantica cruise for next...
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    Neo - World Cruise

    The NeoRomantica will start a world cruise on 23rd. September from Savona through the South Pacific, Australia and South Africa. No information about segment cruises as yet. Here is a link to the itinerary (in German but gives you a good idea)...
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    Singapore New Cruise Terminal opening Sunday

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    The other side of Paradise - Maldives

    BBC News - 'Apocalyptic' island of waste in the Maldives
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    Cruising Apps for iPhone & Android phones

    Does anyone use cruisng apps on your iPhone, iPad, Tabs or Android smart phone? If so which one and what is your experience?
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    Elderly couple debarked from Seabourn Sojourn

    Should this have happened? Elderly Couple Kicked Off Luxury Cruise Ship After Refusing to Attend Muster Drill - Seabourn Cruise Line
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    Is this the beginning of the end for scooters onboard?

    What's your opinion? P&O Cruises In Row Over
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    I wouldn't like to foot the Christening Bill

    AIDAmar Christened in Front of 1.4 Million People (photos) - Cruise Industry News | Cruise News
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    Have you been where the Quuen's been?

    Have you been where the Queen's been? Try you luck and see BBC News - Have you been where the Queen's been?
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    New Southampton Map & Guide

    Here you go New Map and Guide from CruiseSouthampton.com
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    Costa 2013/2014

    in 2013 / 2014 Costa will have two round the world cruises, Deliziosa do the by now standard 100 world cruise. But the highlight must be NeoRomantica, Savona Barelona Morocco Cap Verde Islands River Amazon including Manaus Brazil Uraquay Argentina Cap Horn Chile Easter Island Pitcairn Tahiti...
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    Titanic II

    An Australian is planning to build a replica of the Titanic, hope that this one doesn't go down so well as the first: BBC News - Australian billionaire Clive Palmer to build Titanic II
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    MSC in Miami Autumn 2013

    MSC will be basing it's newest ship MSC Divina in Miami for the winter season 2013 / 2014: MSC Divina to sail from Miami for 2013/14 season
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    Might be worth trying RCCI

    At last some real beer aboard: Royal Caribbean expanding beer choices on cruise ships - USATODAY.com
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    Costa Atlantica Eastward Ho November 2012

    So at last Costa have come through, after the disappointment of our Far East cruise being cancelled, we are till travelling east but not so far from home. Costa Atlantica 27th. November - 14th. December Savona to Dubai. 17 blissful MILF days.