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  1. Lauren

    Welcome back, Ally!

    It is my pleasure to welcome back Ally as an administrator here at CruisingTalk. We are very excited to have her back on our team! Welcome back, Ally! It's great to have you!:dancing_banana:
  2. Lauren

    Exciting new developments coming soon - Stay tuned!

    Enrique and I are very excited to announce that CruisingTalk will undergo many changes coming very soon! We have been working very hard behind the scenes for some time now to bring you a new look, tons of improvements and new features. We anticipate the upgrades to be completed by early 2012...
  3. Lauren

    Welcome Bugger20!!

    Please everyone give a warm welcome to my wonderful, beautiful sister, Annaliese. She is a new member to our community, and I am truly happy to have her here!!!! Enjoy your stay, Anna!:banana:
  4. Lauren

    Our *Lulu*

    After the tragic death of our beloved *Mia* 5 days after we brought her home, we decided to get a new bird. Her name is Lulu and she is 6 months old. Her hobbies include: eating, sleeping & pooping (usually on Enrique).
  5. Lauren


    Celebrity Cruise Line, along with Royal Caribbean Cruises, will be introducing remote airline and luggage check-in service on the day their cruise ends. It will enable passengers to bypass the traditional airport check-in process. This will save several hours of time. Blessed by the...
  6. Lauren

    NEW-Biggest Ship EVER BUILT!

    Royal Caribbean has placed an order for the biggest ship ever built. The 5400-passenger, 220,000-ton cruiser will be built in Finland. The ship will be 1,180 feet long, (just 20 feet short of 4 football fields). It will be the height of a 24-story building. Its cost is estimated at $1.242...
  7. Lauren

    Topless Deck

    I was very surprised when I saw there was a topless deck! Carnival Cruise Line is a family cruise, I thought. Is this common? Are there topless decks on all cruise ships?
  8. Lauren

    Rhapsody Any advice?

    We're looking into a cruise on this ship in November. Does anyone know anything about it?
  9. Lauren

    Hurricane Season -general discussion, preparedness tips and experiences

    Hurricane season starts June 1st, when does it end? So you shouldn't take cruises during that, right? I met someone who went on one during a hurricane, they got to stay out to sea an extra 2 days for free! THATS AWESOME!!!
  10. Lauren


    Enrique and I had such a wonderful time on our cruise, we decided to go on another one soon. However, we weren't too happy with Carnival Cruise Lines, so we thought Royal Caribbean. Anyone have any comments about this cruise line?
  11. Lauren


    I went on a cruise to the Bahamas when I was a child. I remember it being wonderful. Has anyone else been there? Remember what it was like?
  12. Lauren


    I would suggest going somewhere other than Mexico, I've been to Cozumel, Cancun, Progreso. Unless you're porting out of Galveston, because that's pretty much your only choice.
  13. Lauren


    Every person on the cruise ship (accept for one bartender), was extremely polite. Our server was wonderful. She remembered our names, what we liked, how we like things cooked. And she was very personable. I am very pleased with the service on the Ecstasy. Also, our rooms were cleaned like 3...
  14. Lauren

    Carnival Cruisers Beware!!

    I want you all to be aware of this. When you go on a carnival cruise, they give you a thing called a "Sail and Sign Card". This is basically your credit card. At the end of the trip, your credit card is charged all the charges you accumulated throughout the cruise. They wont accept Visa...
  15. Lauren


    I just got back from a cruise a week ago. My boyfriend and I went on the Ecstasy cruise ship. I have to say, I had a blast, but I'm very disappointed in a few things. We had a few problems...we both agreed we'd never go on a carnival cruise again.