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  1. bob brown

    Norwegian Dawn hot tub?

    Looked at the bridgecam of the Dawn and noticed a modification to the hot tub(s?) on the bow. It appears that they connected the two into one larger one. By the way, is this for public use, or only for crew?
  2. bob brown

    Norwegian Jewel

    I noticed on the web cam page for the Jewel that its registry is USA! Is that an error? I didn't think the Jewel was going to be a part of NCL America.
  3. bob brown

    Celebrity Kapitan Khlebnikov?

    I was surfing through Celebrity's site and was surprised to see some info on the icebreaker/cruise ship Kapitan Khlebnikov listed. The info doesn't seem to be complete yet. Is this a partnership of some sort with Quark Expeditions, a one time special operation, or is Celebrity taking over its...
  4. bob brown

    RCCL Group Bridgecams

    Does anyone know what that cylindrical object is hanging from the top of the bridgecam view? I looked at the other M-class ships and don't see it on them.
  5. bob brown

    Brooklyn cruise terminal?

    Does any one know when the Carnival move to Brooklyn will occur? Does this include all Carnival Corp. lines? Who will still use the New York cruise terminal while it's being renovated? NCL? Raddison? Crystal? And when the renovation is completed, will any move back to NY? I guess RCI...
  6. bob brown


    Is Cunard currently the only line to designate a senior captain as commodore of their fleet?