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    COSTA VOYAGER sold to China

    German Website reports that Costa has sold as previously announced their Costa Voyager to a Chinse company. They paid $43.65 for her. more....http://www.seereisenportal.de/news/archiv/2014/februar.html sorry the program does not allow liking to text, Admin please have a look. thanks Happy...
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    Pullmantur - ss Atlantic Star

    Seems RCI has lost patience and has sold the Atlantic Star for scrap. She is being towed at this very moment towards Suez Canal. Seems the deal with STX France whereby RCI places an order for an Oasis Calss ship there instead of Finland and part of the deal is that STX takes over the Atlantic...
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    COSTA's CEO Pier Luigi Foschi to leave soon

    Not confrimed as yet, but an Italian Blog, which is run by former Costa employye said today, that Foschi will retire and be replaced by German Michael Thamm who is President of AIDA Cruises. that sounds strange, immediate my question, what will happen to preisdent Gianni Onorato? Will he leave...
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    Saga sapphire

    Bridge to Engine Room " this is the Captain speaking" Engine room to bridge" come in Captain this is the Chief" Bridge to Engine Room" Chief we got a problem >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Well that is not what one would call "smoking hot" right?? CruiseFan
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    PEACE BOAT - their new ships is on the way

    ...to japan. The ex Pullmantur Ocean Dream has been repainted in the Peace Bat colors and has left Colon, panama on march 31st to japan, where she is scheduled to arive on Mai 12th. See VIDEO here>>>> Peace! CruiseFan
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    CARNIVAL TRIUMPH arrested in Galveston

    On her arrival on Friday, a judge ordered the vessel held, pending a law suit and counrt hearing. Apparently a german Family who lost members on Concordia, have filed a $10Million suit. The ship was allowed do disembark her passengers then moved to another peir where she will remain until the...
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    This just in, as was predicted Louis has now sold her little beautiful classic lady SAPPHIRE. She will depart from Perama, Greece shortly. She had been laid up two years Louis was looking for a charterer or buyer but the new CEO who stated he wants to quickly move forward and get rid of the old...
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    New Bulgarian 4* River ship christined

    The Bulgarian shipping company Dunver Tours has chirstined their newst addition MV ARIANA last Saturday. The ships was build in Holland and is on long term charter by German tour Company Phoenix Reisen (who as you may remember bought the P&O Artemis now Artania). Phoenix is a privately held...
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    LOUIS Emerald - has some legs...

    Laid up in perama since Thomson returned her several years ago, may be saved from breakers, at least for 94 days. an obscur littlepink.sheet company ALAS run by Greek national P.Viliotis who was many years Chief Electrican then before they went bancrupt Regency Cruises, worked in their NY...
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    Cruise tradtitions and how they started

    Regardless of size of a vessel, main stream or deluxe, they all to most part share the same rituals which cruise goes come to expectt or to laoth! But how did they all started? BAKED ALASKA PARADE: Variations on the dish itself go back to the early 19th century, though the form we know today...
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    MS EUROPA 2 - Presentation

    Today at a pressconference, Hapag-lloyd presented their Newbuilding mv Europa2, being build at St.Nazaire, France, She will enter service in Spring 0f 2013. Europa2 will be marketed to a younger clientele as their flagship EUROPA. Watch the artist rendering here>>>> Remains to be seen how...
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    mv Minerva - Renovation complete

    Hi All, all Leisure Cruise' mv Minerva has returned to southampton on march 2nd after a major rebuild/refurbishment at the German Yard Lloyd Werft. Here a photo Gallery by Swan hellenic showing the various stages of the work done Happy Cruising CruiseFan
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    Costa neoRomantica - the way she looks

    much was said in the Community about the look of the neo Romantica, the overwhelming response was not very favorable, to put it mildly. Now, this Video shows how she looks from the outside with the "top-hat" and hanging gardens, aka Suites midships - and frankly her previous elegant lines have...
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    F5 refresh not working?

    PROBLEM: using the ley F5 to refresh the site, results in the notice " sorry, no matches found"....can this be by any means corrected?? merci HappyCruising Cruisefan
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    Louis Majesty SOLD!

    A broker friend in Piraeus has just called me to advise that Louis Cruise Line has sold their Majesty to unnamed buyers. We know who it is,m but are sworn to not devulge who it is, sorry folks. But surely press realeases will appear and lift the veil. happy Cruising Cruisefan
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    Viking River - Newbuilding update

    10 large so called "longboats" are on order, of which four are being delivered in March 2012 in Holland, to be used on the River Rhine - Mosel - and Danube with the remaining 6 are to be delivered at a rate of 2 ships each year until 2014. A Video showing some of the innovative new design can be...
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    RMS St.Helena

    Hello Shipspotters, for your information this lovely little combi vessel will do her last run from the UK down to St.Helena on October 14th. When completed she may never see the UK again as she will be deployed only from Cape Town to St.Helena. She had been earmarked for 2012 decomission as the...
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    Film of rebuilding of Stena Ferry

    Here is a fantastic film which stena made. they sold their Stena Trader to Canadian Ferry Operator Marine Atlantic. The mv Stena Trader was shortened! and added deck accommodation spaces to carry more passengers. The work was done at German Yard Lloyd Werft which had done such work on many...
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    Delphin Voyager

    After the problem with ms Delphin which supposedly was resolved, we have now received the information that ms Delphin Voyager has dropped anchor at the roads for Piraeus shortly before 2pm local time. a call to the charterer was met with " no comments". according to our information the vessel...
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    Fire destroyed Lithuanian Ferry LISCO GLORIA

    on Saturday night on her way from Kiel to Riga, had an explosion and caught fire. all passengers and crew. here is an impressive photo clip. click on each photo to change.