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    COSTA VOYAGER sold to China

    German Website reports that Costa has sold as previously announced their Costa Voyager to a Chinse company. They paid $43.65 for her. more....http://www.seereisenportal.de/news/archiv/2014/februar.html sorry the program does not allow liking to text, Admin please have a look. thanks Happy...
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    New ship for Abou Merhi Cruises?

    Happy New Year! I contacted Abou Merhi offices in Hamburg and Beirut. Hambrg stated we know nothing contact Beirut, there my call was transferred to 3 different people, the last one was waffling about, asked me to send a written request for information which I did but still waiting for an...
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    msc Melody sold to Indian interests

    Very stragen. she was in port breifly yesterday, then left again dropped anchor outside and as of this am 10:37CST she is back olong side at the pier which is generally used by all cruise vessels visiting Port Said. Our contact with owners in Mumbai has gone unaswered. as for scrap sale and...
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    Fire on ' Ocean Countess '

    It was not uncommon for Greeks to sink their ships at sea to collect insurance so the fire may have been deliberatly started, as the vessel was idle costing money and no charterer in sight...... I was in N.Y. when the Countess and her sister were introduced to the world. the then president of...
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    msc Melody sold to Indian interests

    She is sitting outside of the entrance to the Suez Canal fpr severald ays now, sporting her new name QING. QING (Passagierschiff): Schiffsdaten und AIS-Position - IMO 7902295, MMSI 419000861 - FleetMon.com Now I am wondering why would an indian owner - Financial House with many different...
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    Portuscale Cruises

    Hi Neil, many thanks very informaive as usual. A small mistake however "Croisiere Notre temps" means only "these are our present Cruises", and not a name of a Company. I tried several queries by Google search but could not come up with the French Company. stay well Cruisefan
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    Portuscale Cruises

    Hi, the obsure Russian ROYAL CARAVELLA CRUISES is now showing the GEMINI as their new vessel. I wager that again this will not materialize, same as with their previous vessels. this time the operators do not show a photograph of the vessel only the ships particulars. PORTUSCALES mv LISBOA has...
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    Has Anyone Sailed on Aida Cruise Ships?

    Hello, with the new ships AIDApirma, beeing build in japan#s Mitsubish yard, AIDA has changed their modus operandi significantly. There will be a variety of service Restaurants(!) available where one needs to make reservation for one, secondly AIDA Mngmnt. ahs stated that they will open sales in...
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    What happened to All that Cruise

    Iy u refer to all that ship, well no need to check as they do not have one.....
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    What happened to All that Cruise

    But their website is still online - allthatcruise.com Crusiefan
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    Portuscale Cruises

    Sorry, me no undertand your gibberish, maybe you could use a nice Babushka to translate for you Andrew -:) Crusiefan
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    Portuscale Cruises

    The walls seem a bit boring, lack perhaps a mirror and some paintings. Hi neil, the website I am referring to is only in the germanic idiom, have you studied the Fatherlands language? The indian owner of mv Delphin (Passat kreuzafhrten the name of the Company) is Pradeep Agrawal, he is a...
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    AIDA Mitsubishi newbuilds will ‘hover on carpet of air bubbles’

    AIDA announced at a pressconference today in hamburg, that the fiorst new vessel build in japan will be named AIDAprima. she will commence sailing from hamburg on 20th, 2015 and use hamburg as her home port. she will also feature many different eateries, several where reservation will have to be...
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    Portuscale Cruises

    Stop it Neil, my tummy is hurting from laughing so much. Well GM Andrew a direct descendant from General Potemkin no daubt. On the moderated website he shows also a Bowling alley and under the heading Ships for Charter the Daphne. Seems as you have again clearly stated, GM Andrew has an axe to...
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    Portuscale Cruises

    Neil, you nailed that one down! Chapeau'!! As for Andrew and John, they want us to believe that they have first hand experience/expertise. Well, the Internet is full of those. As for PV Enterprises, all of the precious announced cruise and ferry ventures have not come to pass. Remember the...
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    Portuscale Cruises

    Question why should Portuscales form a JV with PV Enterprises. CEO Peter Viliotis, ex Electrician with Regency Cruises and Engineer with CCL has no expertise running a company. he had stated over a year ago a caribbean cruise ship (ss Emerald) - a ferry with Ionian Queen between Cartagena...
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    Voyages of Discovery Cruises ship ' Voyager ' on Charter again in 2014 !

    Hi Neil, interesting indeed. As I am born and raised in Antwerp, belgium I would be inetrested to sail on her then. Could you kindly provide the Link to the Website please? Much obliged. Cruisefan
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    Ships Arrested !

    The new Line has gone Online see here http://www.portuscalecruises.com/ Happy Cruising Cruisefan
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    New Names for Ex Classic International Cruise Ships

    The Portugese Owner has registered an URL " Portuscalecruises.com" as of this writing there is no website online. we shall see. happy cruising cruisefan
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    Ships Arrested !

    RCI - NCL - BAHAMAS CRUISE LINE - FREEPORT CRUISE LINE - REGENCY CRUISES - RENAISSANCE CRUISES - V-SHIPS - PHOENIX REISEN BONN - COSTA CROCIERE - on board as well as manager positions ashore !!!! (including human resources). that should asnwer your question, no? Happy cruising CruiseFan...