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  1. Neil

    CMV Another new ship !

    The British style cruising company CMV have announced that they will take delivery of the ex P & O Australian cruise ship ' Pacific Eden ' in April 2019 which will be re-named ' Vasco de Gama ' and increase their fleet of classic cruise ships to six ! No price was disclosed ! This cruise...
  2. Neil

    Two ex Princess Cruises ships in the port of Sydney, Australia

    Picture of when the 1990 built 63,786 ex ' Star Princess ' , which now sails as the flag ship for the UK company ' CMV Cruises ' and is named ' Columbus ' , joined the 1984 built 44,348 grt ex ' Royal Princess ' which now sails with ' Phoenix Reisen Cruises ' as the ' Artania ' were in...
  3. Neil

    CMV Cruises new flag ship from May 2017

    The 1989 French built 63,786 grt classic cruise ship ' Columbus ' joined the CMV Fleet in April 2017 and had been made the new flag ship of this fleet of Greek owned classic cruise ships which operate on the UK market and from Australia. She was ordered for ' Sitmar Cruises ' but passed to the...
  4. Neil

    Happy New Year to all my friends.

  5. Neil

    Happy New Year to all my friends

  6. Neil

    Happy New Year to all my friends

  7. Neil

    Merry Christmas to all my friends !

  8. Neil

    Buying Books On Line !

    For those of you who buy books on line, I would not recommend 'Abe Books ' ! I placed an order for a book and they took my money straight away. Two days later I was told the book is not available and would I like something different which I did not want ! It took nine days to get a refund as...
  9. Neil

    Hapag Lloyd to loose the ' Hanseatic ' !

    It has been announced that the 1991 built 8.378 grt deluxe cruise ship ' Hamseatic ' will leave the Hapag Lloyd fleet in the Autumn of 2018. After refitting she is to be operated by the Canadian company ' One Ocean Expeditions ' . Picture of the ship attached - .
  10. Neil

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    Costa Cruises has anounced that their 1991 built 53,015 grt cruise ship ' Costa neoClassica ' has been sold and will leave their fleet in March 2018. The ship had been advertised for sale at about US $ 150,000,000 but the sale price is not known nor who are her new owners. Pictures show the...
  11. Neil

    Saga Cruises Final Voyage ' Saga Pearl ll '

    Saga Cruises, who cater for the older passenger, have announced that the final cruise for their small cruise ship ' Saga Pearl ll ' will be for 54 nights and sail from the UK on the 16th February 2019. The cruise is to be to South Africa, which is the original service this ship was designed to...
  12. Neil

    Norwegian Restrictions !

    Norway has announced that from the start of the cruising season in 2019 new pollution restriction will apply around the fjords which will restrict the number of older cruise ships operating in the fjord area ! Reports have suggested this could affect about 40% of the cruise ships cruising in...
  13. Neil

    Faroe Islands

    Norway is to introduce new regulations with regard to air polution in 2019, which will restrict the number of older cruise ships which will be able to cruise in the fjords ! It is interesting to see that the port of Torshavn, in the Faroe Islands, is building some new berths which will be 900...
  14. Neil

    Pictures of the Ex Pacific Sun at Alang

    Pictures below, which I received last night from a friend in Alang, show the ex ' Pacific Sun ' , which in recent times had been sailing as the ' Henna ' for Chinese owners, ready to be cut up at Alang having sailed from Shanghai at about 9 knots and been renamed ' Hen 'for the voyage. Having...
  15. Neil

    At Sea All day !

    Think twice before you book a cruise on one of the mega size cruise ships ! The NCL 145,655 grt 4,000 passenger 1,640 crew ' Norwegian Gateway ' arrived off the port of Rostock / Warmonde this morning about 04.30 hrs, from Copenhagen, but due to the reported windy conditions did not get...
  16. Neil

    New Russian Black Sea Cruises

    A new Russian cruising company has bought the ex Isreali Mano Cruises ship ' Royal Iris ' and having drydocked her in Greece for an upgrade she has arrived at the Black Sea port of Sochi to operate cruises around the Black Sea having been re-named ' Knyaz Vladimir ' . This ship was built in...
  17. Neil

    New Japanese Peace Boat

    It has been announced that the Japanese Peace Boat movement organization has had talks with the ' Artech Shipyard in Helsinki '. An artists picture had been released of a brand new cruise ship for the orgainization which will be about 60,000 grt and carry around 2,000 passengers. Her main fuel...
  18. Neil

    Fire on Island Princess

    It has been reported that the 2003 built 90,621 grt Princess Cruises ship ' Island Princess' suffered an engine room fire after an oil leak on the 15th May 2017 on her cruise between Ketchiken and Whittier. Coast guards are reported as visiting the ship for about 1.5 hours and she was allowed...
  19. Neil

    New Lyttelton, New Zealand, cruise ship terminal

    It has been announced that the New Zealand port of Lyttelton is to build a new cruise ship berth which will be able to berth the largest cruise ships in service at a cost of NZ £ 56 million and which is expected to be ready for the 2019 / 2020 season ! The port is near to the city of...
  20. Neil

    Bahamas new terminal

    It has been announced that Carnival have signed an agreeement with the Bahamas government for the building of a new cruise ship terminal which will be able to berth the largest cruise ships in service ! .