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  1. jack100

    Galapagos for 2009

    look at the tripadvisor Galapagos forum.....lots of up to date useful information
  2. jack100

    How do you rate the food on Princess ?

    Like you I enjoyed the escargot...haven't been on a Princess ship for a while....I loved the cruise I had on the Emerald Princess.
  3. jack100

    New from Texas

    Hi Speed Racer, good that you had a fantastic 1st cruise.....what cruise ship were you on ? Which ship are you sailing with in November ? What ports are you going to ? welcome to cruising talk.
  4. jack100

    Carnival magic

    Important to remember that if you are going ashore independently without taking one of the cruise excursions then you should aim to get back to the ship at least half an hour before she departs as the ship will not wait for you. Don't worry to much so it spoils your day out but just keep an eye...
  5. jack100

    First time cruiser

    For your birthday you might like to eat at one of the speciality restaurants although there will be an extra charge to pay however a lot of people think it's worth the extra cost....the steakhouse is meant to be good or Cucina del Capitano is an Italian type restaurant that's meant to be a nice...
  6. jack100

    New from Texas

    Welcome to the forums. I'm sure your going to have a wonderful time and a memorable 1st cruise. Try to do as much research as possible. You are probably aware that on a 7 night cruise there are usually about 2 elegant/formal nights where you can dress up a bit. I'll mention a bit more in the...
  7. jack100

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    For anyone in the UK able to attend you could have an enjoyable few hours attending the annual cruise show in London this Saturday/Sunday ( march 22nd/23rd ) It's a great place to find out information about future cruises by talking to the cruise lines face to face also hopefully there should be...
  8. jack100

    Carnival Breeze - 15 March 2014 (Miami)

    Have a great cruise falconfan and let us know what you thought of the ports you stopped at.
  9. jack100

    Is there a special meal

    Some cruisers find their special meal is when they pay a bit extra to dine in the speciality restaurants Usually I am content to eat in the MDR but have been to a speciality restaurant for a special occaision and was not disappointed with the food or service.
  10. jack100

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Of course the big news in the UK at the moment is the huge amount of flooding at the moment. You have to feel sorry for farmers and ordinary people who have had their lives turned upside down. Somerset in the south west has been very badly hit and now other parts of the country are also...
  11. jack100

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Hope you had a good Christmas Neil I know you have cruise stuff on your facebook page, but as I'm not joining, unfortunately I don't get to see any info you provide except what you post on here. Wow $80 each for a weekend buffet meal at the Hotel Del ! I bet there was a lot of great food and...
  12. jack100

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Thanks for mentioning about Coronado. Had no idea until your post what a great place it is to visit....also seems to have a really good beach. Have visited Los Angeles and San Francisco but haven't really considered going further south along the coast. If I get a chance it would be nice to spend...
  13. jack100

    Port stops in Caribbean. Who opts to stay on board?

    I also enjoyed my visit to San Juan although it was a rainy afternoon Anyway, with the rain at its worst found that popular bar for tourists & visitors Senor Frogs ! nice & close to the ship it was fun to spend an hour there before going back on board,
  14. jack100

    Fire on ' Ocean Countess '

    Can hardly believe it....the pictures show just how damaging a fire can be Such a shame.....many people who cruise prefer a smaller older ship rather than the huge more modern ones.
  15. jack100

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Big news story of today.....Nelson Mandela has passed away....( RIP )
  16. jack100

    Longer Port Stays.

    I have been fortunate to have a couple of nights in Bermuda ( Celebrity Summit ) and it is more rewarding spending a bit longer in a port. It would be good if a few more cruises stopped for 2 days instead of just a few hours on some Caribbean islands but I have a feeling that cruise lines make...
  17. jack100

    msc Melody sold to Indian interests

    keep us updated when you find out....if the Melody becomes a hotel ship it will be interesting to find out where she will be based.
  18. jack100

    Find a themed cruise on new web site

    For anyone wishing to try out a theme cruise I believe the link above is a good start. Of course it may not list every theme cruise but it does give several different choices
  19. jack100

    New build NCL Breakaway code named Plus

    There are 2 new ships in the Breakaway class They are to be called Norwegian Escape & Norwegian Bliss
  20. jack100

    Cruise information

    good that you found something suitable.....when I saw your post on oct 10th I did have a look for you but whilst I saw hotels/motels offering a shuttle service they were not budget which was what you were after and didn't make a post as I figured you had probably seen the ones I had spotted.