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    Brass Monkeys ?

    CANNON BALLS!!! DID YOU KNOW THIS? It was necessary to keep a good supply of cannon balls near the cannon on old war ships. But how to prevent them from rolling about the deck was the problem. The storage method devised was to stack them as a square based pyramid, with one ball on top, resting...
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    Aida ship pipework

    Ever wondered what a cruise ship looks like with all the pipework installed ? well take a look at the link and expand the picture. Well worth the time to look ...... :dancing_banana: http://www.meyerwerft-medien.de/data/pressefotos/218/31221.jpg
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    MSC Davina / Venice

    When will the whingers give it a rest and realise that it is not the cruise ships that are damaging the Lagoon of Venice but the speed boats,water taxi`s using excessive speed creating bow waves and Vaparettos. Only 3 weeks ago we witnessed a number of the water taxi`s and other speed boats...
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    Concordia Re Float video.

    Here is a video of how they plan to Re Float the Concordia. Il video della rimozione del relitto Concordia | isola-del-giglio | news
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    Costa Fascinosa

    Fincantieri are due to deliver the New Costa Fascinosa to costa on May the 5th at Venice, so we may well get to see this New 114,000 ton ship as we will be in the middle of our back to back cruise that day....:biggrinbounce2: Last time we were there Silversea had just taken delivery of one of...
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    Why ships sink!

    Tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm UK.
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    How Ridiculous!

    Found this story and while it is not to do with cruising it shows how ridiculous certain areas have become! TSA subject child in a wheelchair to invasive airport security tests in Chicago | Mail Online
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    Some great New pics. Titanic pictures: Extraordinary sonar images show full map of shipwreck on ocean floor | Mail Online
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    Old ships

    Just for you Oldies out there here is a website with articles about Old ships that some of you may know of or have even travelled on! The White Star liners BRITANNIC (1931) and GEORGIC (1932) became part of the Cunard White Star Line after the merger of 1934.
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    Ocean Village Return ?

    Just read that Ocean Village are to return using the Arcadia ! anyone else know about this ?
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    Fair Price or Not?

    I got our TA to contact NCL a day or so ago to get a price to move to a different cabin for our 2 weeks Venice trip at the end of April, we were quoted £180pp to move to an Obstructed view Outside cabin, £220 pp for an Outside unobstructed view and £580 pp to move to a Balcony. So does anyone...
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    Photos Ruby Princess

    Here are some photos from our First Ruby Princess cruise, they include some photos from an Italian friend who worked on building the ship, my 3 sons..their partners and 2 Grandkids. It was also a sad time for our 1st cruise because my mam had died on the Saturday which was 1 week before we were...
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    Oasis of the seas

    Oasis pics coming soon! in the mean time there is a Review of our cruise on her in the RCI section along with one on the Brilliance of the seas plus 2 on the Ruby Princess in the Princess section.
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    JADE 18th Feb and 28th April 2012

    Anyone else booked on these 2 cruises from Cruising Talk ?
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    Return To The Ruby Princess

    This was our second Ruby princess cruise to the Caribbean the First being a Western itinery. We left home with expectations that the ship and crew would be as we found them last year and were also looking forward to meeting the four other people who had travelled on the ship last year also...
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    Having travelled from the UK we arrived in Miami somewhat tired after our long journey, there being 8 Adults and 2 kids of 4 and 18 months we passed through Immigration in about 1 Hour though not everyone was treated the same? We were asked why we were there (a usual question) and which Fire...
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    Having landed at Copenhagen Kastrup airport at around 1pm which was 20 minutes early we picked up our luggage and headed outside to find a Taxi to get to the port at Nyhavn, the journey took around 20 minutes and the fare was 291 Danish Krone .... much lower than some people had mentioned having...
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    BRILLIANCE of the SEAS 15TH to 27th JUNE 09

    Finally for those that are cruising the Med on the Brilliance here are our thoughts on the ship and the cruise in general, the ports we have left until last. Having arrived at the port of Barcelona it was a little dissapointing to see that everyone had to queue for quite a long time in order...
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    Hello to everyone on CT .... :) Dave.
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    Qeen Victoria 14th May 2010

    Queen Victoria 14th May 2010 Is there anyone else booked on this trip to the Med ?