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  1. LorifromGA

    Hello from Georgia!

    Thank you PEB! We've got the paperwork handled. I've read all the horror stories about other people not being prepared. Kind of surprises me. Everything I've received from the company our kids booked the cruise through for us clearly states what is required. As does the Carnival website I...
  2. LorifromGA

    Carnival Fascination 08/24/13 - 08/29/13

    Cool!! Thank you!! I like that they are from Georgia too :) I will definitely keep an eye for them!
  3. LorifromGA

    Carnival Fascination 08/24/13 - 08/29/13

    Anybody cruising to the Bahamas on Carnical Fascination 08/24/13?? This is my first cruise! Hubby has cruised before.
  4. LorifromGA

    Cruise preperation and journals

    I am taking my first ever cruise and my first trip without children. I do believe I am becoming addicted to cruising/travel and I haven't even left yet!! I love all the ideas you have posted. Thank you for sharing! I have a list I have started for my husband and I. He warned me that once I...
  5. LorifromGA

    Hello from Georgia!

    First time cruiser here. Taking my first cruise ever (and first with my hubby) on 08/24/13 on the Carnival Fascination. Very excited! Would love to hear any advice/tips you may have :)