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    Q E 2 in Bremerhafen

    Good morning ,all Is it just me, or has there been a '' small fire'' on the prow deck of QE2 while drydocked in Bremerhafen ?? Her bridge cam view certainly leads one to that conclusion....Take a look... Cheers CG ;)
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    Which Way Out Of Tampa ?

    :confused: Good morning all, I am wondering which way ships navigate when sailing away out of Tampa ... Do they set out away from Channelside/Ybor Channel and turn into Garrison Channell and onto Old Tampa Bay ??? Or do they take another route I couldn't figure out on the TPA map.. ...
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    Millie : Further Delay ?????

    :? Hi, As at 1611, today 17th, she's still in drydock in LaCoruna..... Most recent update was ; Barcelona sailaway at 2000;;;presuming a '' ready to board '' state at approx 1430/1500..... What's the betting she's not meeting those deadlines??? Took her 73 hours to get...
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    INFINITY-- Today-SanDiego-VERY late

    :confused: Hi, Just watching her finally on approach to SanDiego port.....12.30pm. was due to dock at 0700 ( or earler). Anybody heard why ?? Propulsion problems ...again ??? She'll be hardpressed to sailaway at 1700 for her next Hawaii r.t. voyage..... :? CG
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    Fuerte Amador Port of call=Panama

    :confused: Good evening, I need clarification in case my opinion is unfounded. We're sailing, 2 couples, on Eastbound full Panama transit on INFINITY,early April. At the end of the full day transit of the canal, there is a tender stop at FuerteAmador, which I personally think is nothing more...