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  1. BooBoos Mum

    Anyone wanna in a cruise? ;)

    Gone in for that already from facebook & i hope i win ....he he
  2. BooBoos Mum

    Incorrect Travel Docs

    I remember being told in a pub when being asked how old i was i would have to prove who's birth certificate i had as there's no proof really it could be anyones within reason
  3. BooBoos Mum

    christmas is round the corner...

    I'd love to go on a cruise during Christmassy time but have commitments :rolleyes: ..there again i'd love to go anytime :)
  4. BooBoos Mum

    did anyone watch that cruises undercover show?

    I have seen some of the staff off our ship when in dock sometimes the only ones who don't get a lot of time off was our cabin steward from last year he told us he got 2 hours a week off in a week & yes he was one of those that lived in the corridor all the time he was always there......what i...
  5. BooBoos Mum

    Where would YOU want cruise lines to drop out of their itineraries & why

    I don't mind if the place is run down or just a town ,i like to walk around nooks & crannies ,but i don't want to pay for a bus from a port i don't mind if the bus is free because i will know it won't be very far to travel then ....i hate coaches & they can make me feel sick if on too long :eek:
  6. BooBoos Mum

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    My son lets a cat come into their house & they feed it ,it is quite happy living at two houses & my son was happy with the arrangement until the owner took all the cats belongings to my sons house (lives in same street ) NO the son started putting the cat out at night after that ..they still...
  7. BooBoos Mum

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Evening ...well we should have been wild camping in Blackpool tomorrow but a leak in our campers bedroom has stopped it ;) & now my O/H is waiting for it to stop raining & be dry to cut the wood up for the walls :eek: but it means i have more money to put in my bank tomorrow so i can book a...
  8. BooBoos Mum

    mv Discovery to Cruise & Maritime Voyages

    Evening ...we payed by cash on the welcome aboard night & the day of lying around waiting to be kicked off day .... & the very last cruise from Liverpool to the Canaries etc that's the one we wanted to go on good job we didn't :eek: i don't fly
  9. BooBoos Mum

    mv Discovery to Cruise & Maritime Voyages

    Afternoon i'm back after a brill time on the Ocean Countess & no Neil we got on about 6pm was taken to our cabin (inside ) lots of room as they had single beds ,had a lovely meal with a bottle of wine , enjoyed the evening very much ,next morning we had a phone in the room saying we could move...
  10. BooBoos Mum

    mv Discovery to Cruise & Maritime Voyages

    Morning all ...well done on the finding the mistake ..i'm wondering how the mistake they made this time is going to work out as today we are off on the Ocean Countess for the welcome aboard meal / sleepover but do we sail today or as i'm booked tomorrow oh i can't wait for the hassle with...
  11. BooBoos Mum

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Hello ...been having a bit of trouble with Virgin on & off ..why do we always think it's us , well it isn't it's round the area so i believe o_O ..tomorrow night packing i'm sick of all our clothes hanging all over the place , been hanging around for 2 weeks :)
  12. BooBoos Mum

    mv Discovery to Cruise & Maritime Voyages

    I received the new brochure from C & M with Discovery in the place of Ocean Countess ,they didn't waste any time printing it out :eek:
  13. BooBoos Mum


    Hi there Jared :) welcome
  14. BooBoos Mum

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Afternoon ...popped down to Manchester Piccadilly to pick my train tickets up i bought on the net with going a day earlier it's easier with the trains & it gives us an extra night on board , cant wait to see how they sort out the cruise date of which day do they cruise ,the 8th as in the...
  15. BooBoos Mum

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Pored down this morning ,pored down this afternoon with thunder , now at 6.25 it's sunny :confused:
  16. BooBoos Mum

    Stacey and Chris on ' Black Watch '.

    Hope your having a brilliant time
  17. BooBoos Mum

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    What a miserable Bank Holiday rained all day ..i think i will see what's in my suitcase it may cheer me up :) & iv'e started to iron my clothes ready
  18. BooBoos Mum

    Stacey and Chris on ' Black Watch '.

    I hope your having better weather than us Middy
  19. BooBoos Mum

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Well while waiting for the daughter i got changed 3 times as the weather changed ..in the end we used her taxi she came in as it was thundering & pooring down , i'm seriously looking forward to winter at least i know it's going to be cold & not like a tropical rain forest ;) clammy & wet
  20. BooBoos Mum

    Just back from Alaska.....

    Sounds a very interesting place