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  1. sue87

    Howdy from Texas

    Me too. Welcome:)
  2. sue87


    Hi Mike. Welcome:) We would love to hear about your experiences.
  3. sue87

    Downtime - Sorry

    LOL I was in a panic:D
  4. sue87

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Congrats on the car Pam. Great choice:)
  5. sue87

    Muster drills...lounges, boats & lifejackets...what are YOUR thoughts?

    For the ships that have the life jackets stored at the muster stations in big boxes on deck, they should continue to have enough life jackets in the cabin as well. Depending on the severity of the situation, or the deck where the issue is, passengers could need the life jackets just to get to...
  6. sue87

    Cruise to Ski?

    found this..http://blog.paradizo.com/luxury-vacation/make-a-splash-with-the-caribbean-skiing-cruise/ Other than that you would have to book a cruise to Alaska or Norway with a cruise over, a week to ski, and reboard for a cruise back. Don't know if they do that.
  7. sue87

    Smoking on cruise ships....what are your thoughts?

    We do exactly the same.:)
  8. sue87

    Service charge/autogratuity/tipping...its all the same thing, or is it?

    If I sailed across the pond the crew would love me:D
  9. sue87

    Inside to largest suite, which one do you book?

    We like Jr suites. Preferably on the aft:)
  10. sue87

    Updated Look

    Looking good:)
  11. sue87

    How do you save money on a cruise??

    If we aren't careful we can really run up a huge bill on a cruise. Any good ideas to save money on a cruise??
  12. sue87

    Have you requested MTD & had all meals in the windjammer??

    Booked MTD which includes a dining room and other venues to eat, Windjammer. We wnt to the windjammer because we wanted to.:) Sorry for the confusion.
  13. sue87

    Have you requested MTD & had all meals in the windjammer??

    I did twice. Both was awesome:) My first was on Freedom but MTD was waitlisted. So I emailed RC dining and told them we would not be needing a table in MTD. I was cleared in 24 hours. There were 6 of us and after the first night our table was ready for us with drinks waiting at 6:30, same...
  14. sue87

    Thomson Celebration - pax loses lawsuit "being woken up too early" on cruise

    Of course not. Immigration does what immigration wants to do whenever it wants to. There is no choice in the matter.
  15. sue87

    The Bon Voyage list

    Thank you ally:)
  16. sue87

    Falklands & Argentina situation set to repeat this cruise season

    No passenger ship from any country should port where there is obvious danger, not only a PR nightmare, or irritated passengers, it is just plain stupid.
  17. sue87

    The Bon Voyage list

    sue87-Royal Caribbean-Jewel-April 27, 2013 sue87-Royal Caribbean-Brilliance-April 21,2014
  18. sue87

    Luggage tag holders

    You can Chuck. For $35 you can order the cruise book & the original luggage tags from RC that will be sent to your address.