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  1. haroldwilliams

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Thank you for the news on CMV. I had not been following the movements of the Neo Classica, and the Voyager, as we had a very cold spell here, in Virginia and I was not able to get to the computer. Carnival is moving a lot of their ships on the east coast, and there are a lot...
  2. haroldwilliams

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Hello Neil - It seems the neoClassica will be at Port Palm Beach in 2018, and I am hoping they will be able to slip in some longer cruises..
  3. haroldwilliams

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Thanks Neil for all the news updates. Apparently the Lucky 7 was not so lucky. Neither was The Disney ship yesterday that backed into the concrete piling at Nassau with` Goofy driving`. I must have known that the Melody sank as you had told me but I was hoping it was only partially sunk...
  4. haroldwilliams

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Thanks Neil for the news on Voyager.I guess we will just wait and see.Another interest was the neo classica and who her new owners will be.Cruise Industry News did not say, but I hope you were right in saying she will be in the Bahamas area.On my last cruise on the Divina I met a crew...
  5. haroldwilliams

    Can I travel (cruise) with a felony?

    I am not an expert on the subject, but it looks like a question you could ask your probation officer, even if you have completed your probation. I also expect it depends on the severity of the felony, but I think you should be able to travel. You may be able to get more information at...
  6. haroldwilliams

    Mach hooky it you know it

    Sorry, I did not understand a thing you wrote. You had a 6 line paragraph with absolutely no punctuation marks. You need to study the English language a little more, and don`t run your words together.
  7. haroldwilliams

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    That`s super great. I hope you are right.
  8. haroldwilliams

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    Thanks Neil. The latest I could find was May 2017, whereby the shipyard (or ship owners) were asking the Indian court for financial help to remedy the problem, reported from the Times of India.
  9. haroldwilliams

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    Thanks, Neil, for news on the neoClassica (and Qing). I always thought the Melody was an well- maintained MSC ship that had possibilities for Value cruises. I hope the Goa folks will get her up-right and back into some type of sailing situation. I knew I had not heard any...
  10. haroldwilliams

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    It looks as if they are being very secretive, but if it goes to the far east, maybe it will not end up like the Henna. It is a nice size ship for a medium sized port, and we have lost several of our medium sized embarkation ports lately in the US, like Houston, Philadelphia, and soon to be...
  11. haroldwilliams

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    Neil, Do you have any guess who bought the ship or where you think it may go?
  12. haroldwilliams

    How do you like our new forum layout?

    I like the format.
  13. haroldwilliams

    Pictures of the Ex Pacific Sun at Alang

    I am sorry to see the Henna (Tropical), being cut up. One of my local friends,from here in Virginia, sailed on her, and said they loved it. I thought - maybe - the ship would pass on to another owner and try to be rehabilitated. She was a good size for some medium sized ports.
  14. haroldwilliams

    What is important to Cruiselines? Customers or Profit?

    Cruiselines think of money before people. I believe they need to trim their prices, especially when they own the dry dock companies. If prices begin at $100 a day, it leaves little room for other lower currencies and puts a strain on the dollar. On the latest cruises I have taken...
  15. haroldwilliams

    Ss emerald seas

    I sailed on the Emerald Seas 2 or 3 times from Miami to Nassau years ago. I remember it as being the most friendly ship I had ever been on, and plenty or room to move around on. I miss the Emerald Seas.
  16. haroldwilliams

    CMV Cruises latest cruise ship

    Hello Neil, She does look rusty, and apparently has had several different names. Perhaps her wealthy buyers will spend some money on her. I just came back 2 days ago from a trip to BVI (Tortola) on the Escape, and seeing the work on the docks which were completed less than a year...
  17. haroldwilliams

    CMV Cruises latest cruise ship

    Hello Readers, I`m really glad that CMV is expanding and doing well. I have been trying to keep my eye on the Voyager to see if it has moved from Singapore and coming to North America with the new Mexican owners or if it will have a homeport in the Far East. Cruise...
  18. haroldwilliams

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Thanks Neil for the news on the Voyager. I am hoping that the ship can find a good home, mainly because there is a need for that size ship, for some people. I`m of the opinion there are lots of folks that would enjoy going to the smaller, less known ports, or to areas once...
  19. haroldwilliams

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Neil, I was really sad to see this company go out of business, as it seems to have a history of well rounded service,with a emphasis on education. I don`t know if their ships will be taken over by Saga, but I assume you know more about that. I am still hoping that we...
  20. haroldwilliams

    Disappointing service on board

    Hello Neil, I also just finished with a Norwegian Sky cruise and was also disappointed. It had been my first time since being on the Southward many years ago. I do not like the `general` compulsory tipping, and high service charges for water, too. I can say the dining...