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  1. haroldwilliams

    Will another cruise line consider Norfolk,VA. ?

    Norfolk Virginia will soon be loosing it`s present cruise line. What type of cruise line might consider Norfolk as a homeport ? To edit my own question, in Jan.15 2014, our new Virginia governor announced two days ago that he would promote Norfolk as a cruise port again , and encourage...
  2. haroldwilliams

    Action Against Carnival

    Neil, Have you been following the recent events in Charleston - that is the law suit against Carnival ? Apparently there are some elements that do not understand that cruise lines bring much needed jobs to the economy. South Carolina has a rich maritime history...
  3. haroldwilliams

    single cruising

    Why isn`t there a ship or cruise line that markets to adult single travelers,such as senior singles where they are given the same price opportunity as married couples. Over 40% of people are single at some time in their life according to some estimates. Some cruise lines act...