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    Cruising and Foreign Dispute

    If you book a cruise and pay for it, then afterwards some type of foreign dispute breaks out making it dangerous to travel there, will the travel agency you booked with refund your money?
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    "Naughty Boys ship" - Maritime Matters.

    That was a really interesting article, and I bet the exhibition would have been a sight to see. I never knew they had training ships for delinquents, to train them for navy life. I guess that's kind of a precursor to the boot camps we have now for repeat juvenile offenders. (Only I would imagine...
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    Brits choosing not to visit Greece according to survey.

    What exactly is going on in Greece right now that's deterring 1/3 from visiting? I read the article but it didn't go into detail about the "crisis" in Greece. Personally, I would love to see Greece, especially Athens and the Parthenon, but if the crisis is a potentially dangerous situation for...
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    Age and Cruising

    In your opinion, how young is too young to cruise? Alternately, how old is too old to take a cruise? Lastly, to which age group do you think cruising is marketed the heaviest?
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    Help needed re. complaint

    Dizzycruiser - I'm sorry you found reason to complain, but it was the basis for a really good thread, so thank you for sharing. Thanks also to lancashire lass for the link to the article about how to complain. I never would have thought to contact the CEO if I hadn't read this article.
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    Widescreen versus Full Screen Formats

    I don't mind the widescreen, letterbox format at the movie theater, but at home on my TV, I want whatever I'm watching to be in full screen and utilize the entire screen. It's a waste of money to buy a 50" TV (for example) if there's a black bar at the top and bottom of the screen, blocking out...
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    Fun Question. How many shoes, Gals and Guys?

    I haven't been on a cruise yet, but I have traveled and in those cases, I took one pair of flip flops to use as shower shoes, one pair of tennis shoes for walking and one pair of heels for fancy occasions. That's it! (Can you believe it? LOL)
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    Titanic 3D anyone plan to see this?

    We're planning to go and watch Titanic 3D. I loved the original version; I wish I had a DVD copy of it here at the house. I'm curious to see a 3D version of the "unsinkable" ship; I just hope the 3D glasses don't give me a headache!
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    Disappointing Destination

    I've never been to the Bahamas, but I don't know anyone that has vacationed there that enjoyed it. Everyone said the Bahamas were overrated, too "touristy" and that in the end, they felt like they'd overpaid for the trip. :-\
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    RMS Titanic

    I've often wondered if there were any ships out there today similar to the Titanic. I think it's a great idea to have a working, fully-functional, fully-enjoyable replica of the Titanic. Just imagine how much attention it would garner simply because people want to see what the inside of the...
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    Disney Cruise vs Disneyland/Disneyworld

    How does a Disney cruise differ from Disneyland/Disney World, in terms of activities available for kids and adults? I'm curious because our son's birthday is coming up soon and we are considering a Disney vacation so that he can "meet" all his favorite cartoon characters.
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    Classism making a comeback on cruise ships - true or false?

    I loved this! It doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing excursion, and it certainly doesn't have to be about keeping up with the Jones's, so to speak. As for the classism, I haven't been on a cruise yet so I can't say from firsthand experience, but it wouldn't surprise me.
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    Advantage & Disadvantage. All Inclusive cruise Ships.

    I see why BenB might be frustrated about a ship's claim to be "all-inclusive". It is a little misleading to make that claim with an asterisk attached, only to explain in finer print what is not included in an all inclusive trip. However, I think with research, it's possible to find a cruise line...
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    Open Bar For Free Drinks

    LOL @ Ontariotrekker's answer. Seriously though, I don't know how you would get free alcoholic drinks on a cruise ship, although there are coupon books available for discounted drinks.
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    If you could live anywhere in the world .

    Well, I live in the United States right now, so if I could live anywhere else in the world aside from the US, I would choose Spain or Italy. I speak some Spanish already, so I might be more inclined to choose Spain. But then again, Italian is a beautiful language and I would love to learn it...
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    What Cruise Job would you like?

    Who gets tipped the best? ;~) That's the job I want! (Or wait, maybe it's not. Maybe they're tipped the most b/c they work the hardest...Maybe I should rethink that!) Seriously - Do cruise liners have paid photographers? If not, I'm there!
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    Australian authorities hunting cruise agent after AU$200,000 of clients money missing

    Is there any way to tell if a travel agent/agency is legit/fraudulent? After reading this thread, I'm kind of scared to put money down on a cruise! Is there any way to protect against something like this happening?
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    Eclipse amenities

    I read a review recently of the Celebrity's Eclipse liner. According to the review, the ship features (among other things) a fully-functional glass-blowing studio and a Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics show. For those of you that have taken a cruise on this liner before, what are your thoughts...
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    Royal Caribbean raises recommended tips 20%

    I agree completely. I believe, like another post above mentioned, that the cruise line should be paying it's employees adequately enough so that tips are not a requirement. Not to sound rude, but I shouldn't have to pay you for doing your job when the cruise line is already paying you. Tips...
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    Picture of single cabin on AO???

    I've never been on a cruise before, so unfortunately I don't have any pics to show you, but you could try visiting the ship's website or just run a Google search. Let us know what you decide!