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    Victoria and the Jones Act.

    We have discussed the famous US Jones Act before. Foreign ships must visit a non-US port if carrying passengers from one US port to another US port. There have been attempts to repeal this law. We in Canada oppose any such moves. Victoria, B.C. will see about 150 cruise ship visits this year...
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    Just found this on the Port of Tallinn website and thought it was very funny. I am sure there are other ports that find 'Crussengers" interesting, also. Where do YOU fit in? "Crussenger is a special type of passenger with an archaic family name "cruise passenger". He differs from a passenger...
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    Mother Nature

    Totally off-topic but this is neat. It is actually at a secret location within a mile of our house. There was some doubt that one of the eaglets would survive, being the 'runt of the litter' but it seems to be thriving. We are fortunate to have a large Bald Eagle population here. To try to bring...
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    Cruising with a difference

    Here is a shot of Yorktown Clipper when it was in Victoria recently. Interesting itineraries and a real 'up close and personal' type of cruising. http://www.cruisewest.com/cruisewest/experience/ships/ytc.aspx Also, a link to some other 'cruising' shots taken at the same time of the Clipper...
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    Historic Passenger Lists

    I may be mistaken (altough I rarely am) but I seem to recall seeing a link somewhere to a source for old passenger lists or manifests. I am particularly interested in ship arrivals in Canada in the early part of the 20th. century - 1900-1930. Does anyone remember or know of such a site?
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    Vancouver Cams

    The quality of the pictures on the 3 Vancouver Cams - KatCam, Port of Vancouver(when it refreshes) and Canada Place is being affected by a large fire south of the city. It started on Sunday in a large area known as Burns Bog. This area sits on large beds of peat and the fire has moved...
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    Blue lagoon - Our Fiji Islands Cruise

    Since we have lost all of the post-hack cruise reports from here, I thought I would post this to fill in the blank space for a while until we build this forum up again. In 1988, my wife and I flew to Australia, where we rented a camper van for 9 days to tour from Sydney to Brisbane and back...