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    c-to-sea flys to England this Friday, 7/21,

    Hi again Her I am in sweltering London Town. Had a very pleasant 5 hour coach ride here through the countryside yesterday. Now reconnected wiith our travelling companions. They treated us to a show last night - Billy Elliott - fabulous!!!. Finding the warmer bitters and ales are not as...
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    c-to-sea flys to England this Friday, 7/21,

    We arrived Heathrow on time yesterday and, after a sloooowww coach ride into central London, arrived by coach to Hereford in the evening. We return to London Wednesday for a visit to a few of the must sees. Thanks you all for the best wishes. We are hoping to keep you updated when and where we can.
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    Uh oh.....Crown Princess in trouble....

    How typical of the new media in their rush to sensationize everything. The Orlando animation and the news story both have the ship listing to port when, as previously discussed, the list was to starboard caused by the turn to port. Come on news guys, talking heads and Barbie Dolls, at least do...
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    Uh oh.....Crown Princess in trouble....

    Read this morning on CC an interesting post from Host Doug. It was on the Holland America forum but had been going on and on about the Crown incident. He severely chastised a number of posters for their "instant expert" opinions and theories. Some of them were getting pretty bizarre. He was...
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    Uh oh.....Crown Princess in trouble....

    I still have difficulty understanding the modern trend on cruise ships to not secure heavy objects to the decks. Earlier ships would always bolt down grand pianos and other large items and store breakables in secure devices. Friends of ours were on Regal Princess 2 years ago when they had to...
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    The TDF Ushuaia picture is not actually a web-cam. These are digital pics posted to the website by the photographers. They post quite a few each day. There is an archive on the website which makes for very interesting viewing, especially when the cruise ships are calling. Often there are good...
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    Uh oh.....Crown Princess in trouble....

    If she turned sharply to port, she would have listed to starboard. Think of a motorcycle race in a sharp turn. The rider leans into the turn to overcome the tendency to tip the other way. The ship can't overcome the centrifugal force and leans away from the turn.
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    Didisea flies to the Norwegian Fjords on July 6

    Don't feel bad, BBT Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken
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    Manuela sails on Grandeur of the Seas, Friday, July 21

    Come on, Manuela - you are among friends. You can tell us. You ARE jumping up and down.
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    Other Port Cams

    Could be one of two things. Taking the pilot off after clearing the harbour. Taking late passengers on who missed the sailing. Tend towards the latter as the ship usually slows but does not stop completely for the pilot. They have become adept at jumping on while both are moving.
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    Help please- Saga Ruby

    Apparently they had quite a storm yesterday. Gale force winds, lots of rain. Must have been someone trying to send a message to the G8 leaders.
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    Little Norway I & II

    Probably it's Dani's PC sulking because it heard it might be replaced by a Mac.
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    Norway cams

    That gives me an idea. Don't know if any of you saw the item on the fellow in Canada that started with a red paper clip and traded on the internet all the way up to a small house . Quite an interesting story. What would you start with to trade up to a penthouse suite on a cruise?
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    The Love Boat

    Interesting point: I watched quite a few of these TV shsows. I don't remember any instances of:- A. anyone falling off the ship B. anyone contracting NLV C. anyone trying to reserve a deck chair for the whole day D. anyone wearing jeans to the Captain's table E. anyone demanding compensation for...
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    Vancouver Cams

    Phil Get the current picture on the raw link. Power refresh does not change the dead pic from the bayshore link. Anyone else getting the same or other results? Sure hope we can get this running - it's such a great view of the harbour.
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    Little Norway I & II

    CQ It hasn't happened yet. It is tied up in the Indian courts and under great pressure from the environmentalists. These is also talk of it being bought and converted to a resort. There are some interesting links to stories above in the Norway thread on the Vintage Ships forum.
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    Victoria and the Jones Act.

    WB I think it was meant to be HORUS, the egyptian god. He has a concession here and is making a lot of money.
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    Vancouver Cams

    Phil The picture I am getting is the same July 7 from before, even thought the time stamp seems to be live. Look at the cloud formation and the ships in the harbour, then compare with the raw feed link that you posted earlier. Would be nice to get this camera going but there could be a...
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    Victoria and the Jones Act.

    I included the times in port for the above 4. Most of the ships do the evening only stop but there are quite a few that arrive in the morning and spend a full day. The evening stops still allow time for a trip ashore, either on a ships excursion or private tour. Many passengers simply walk from...
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    Victoria and the Jones Act.

    We have discussed the famous US Jones Act before. Foreign ships must visit a non-US port if carrying passengers from one US port to another US port. There have been attempts to repeal this law. We in Canada oppose any such moves. Victoria, B.C. will see about 150 cruise ship visits this year...