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    Booking based on lowest price?

    Do you book a cruise based on the lowest price during a timeframe, or are you more about what's most convenient for your group? I really appreciate when cruise lines lay out their various prices clearly and easily, and I usually opt for the date on the lower end of the price scale.
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    Seasick Stories

    Do you have a wicked story of a time that you or someone close to you got seasick on a cruise? When I was sailing to Amsterdam several years ago, the boat was so rocky that people were literally falling over and puking left and right. Luckily, I decided to go watch a movie in the ship's...
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    Cruise Line Snobs

    Do you know of anyone who refuses to give any alternate cruise lines a try; that is to say, they stick to one particular line and look down on all others?
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    Packing too little/much

    Have you ever packed either too little or too much when on a cruise? If so, how did you handle or remedy the situation? Do you have a separate packing checklist specifically for cruises?
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    Fear of Water

    My nephew is deathly afraid of deep, open water, but loves ships. Do you think someone with a fear of water can be able to overcome it and still enjoy a cruise? If so, what tactics would you recommend to help prepare them?