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    Dani reaches 2,000 posts!

    Forgive me if this has been mentioned elsewhere? Had my eye on Dani's number of posts yesterday and viola! Overnight (Oz time) it happened. CONGRATULATIONS DANI on another milestone! :joy: :joy:
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    Happy Birthday Ozzibob!

    It's TODAY in Oz time :mrgreen: HAPPY BIRTHDAY OZZIBOB...... have a wonderful day of celebrations :dancer: :joy: :dancer:
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    Sun Princess - Oz Season 2007/2008

    ft Can't believe I forgot this :duh: ...after all the wonderful banter this evening...the REASON I initially logged on was to tell that I had an email tonight advising SUN PRINCESS is to do a 42 night (yes folks, you read right....42 night) cirumnavigation of not only the luverly Land of...
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    Another New Member!

    Hi all, I've just arrived at Robyn's place in Sydney, having just flown from the UK on a 20 hour flight with Qantas. :whew: Robyn met my partner and I at Sydney airport, and we're now settled at her lovely apartment, for the night, before rushing back to the airport again tomorrow morning for...
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    Antarctica cams

    Sorry folks....couldn't find the original thread we started posting unusual photos from the Antarctic stations from.. However...here is the ultimate 'farewell' (bon voyage?) sign. Obviously for someone who has spent perhaps waaay too long...in the true sense of the world...'down under'
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    For Liz

    Hi Liz, was looking through the latest Sydney Ports Cruiseship Schedule, and among all the 'usual suspects' was an entry for 8 July 2006, which puzzled me a little. Until I did a 'Google' search.....and look what I found! Apparently a Mexican training ship which will be here until 13 July...
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    Can you dock the cruise ship?

    Warning! Addictive Cruise Game Ever thought you'd make a good Captain? 8) Think you can dock a ship better than some? Here's your chance to either be "Captain Crash" :whew: or swiftly move to the rank of "Commodore" :dancer: http://dock.easycruise.com Found this on another site, and it's...
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    3rd PARTY of the CENTURY - 2006

    Hi All, Well, after the boundless success of the first POTC in Venice with Jeff and Liz in April, and what looks like a brilliant 2nd POTC in NY in September, I'm hoping for the 3rd POTC in January 2006. Prior to my Aurora cruise departing Southampton 7 January, I'm flying from UK to New...