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    Costa Concordia

    According to her map, she's in Civitavechia. Is she in this capture from Ocean Village 1?
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    If anyone catches any US cams showing fireworks (ie Hudson River etc) pls post here for me. I won't be able to get to my pc at the time, will enjoy next day These I got New Years Eve but it was because of the time difference
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    Sunrise/Sunset of the Day

    There are so often these great captures from everyone, I thought I'd try a seperate thread...
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    Fuel Surcharges

    From Crystal Cruise home page "The rising cost of fuel continues to affect virtually everyone, and the impact on Crystal Cruises' daily operations is no exception. While we had hoped to absorb the additional expenses associated with soaring fuel prices, we find that this has not been possible...
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    Can You Identify.....

    What and where is this bridge from NCL Wind? Ship in Vancouver? Veendam? Ship in Juneau?
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    Bermuda Bound

    To answer a question from Dani, the big ships can go in but only to Dockyard in the West End. This is Voyager oS from last year and she's very similar to Explorer oS. Also view from dock... will post more pix here
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    Who is she, please?

    From Istanbul today.....
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    Asuka II

    Did she get into NY yesterday? If so, any captures? She's scheduled to leave at 5p EDST (if here) Is this her?
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    Another Busy Day In.....

    Multiple captures in ports seem to be increasing. Lots of ships, lots of traffic. Civitavecchia Jewel Millie Golden P
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    Costa Marina

    Seems unsure of where it's going :confused: It's not Split Croatia so it must be split personality....
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    Costa Allegra

    Any info on what's in her future?
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    Night jewels from the Panama Canal
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    Costa Crociere Bridge & Stern Webcams

    Cruise Line Cam Shots, Vacation Cam, Cruise Ship Video Costa Magica is due into Hamilton Bermuda April 23 and 24, and April 30 and May 1. I would appreciate it very much if anyone would post bridge captures for me. I have tried every recommended method of saving Costa cam views but none...
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    Permission to Come Aboard, Captain

    I am new here and would like to introduce myself. I have enjoyed reading your posts but I am still trying to understand how to post correctly and send pictures. I've been to Bermuda 17 times (3 by cruise) and have many friends there. BDAgirl has been my nickname for a long time so I will use...