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    Whats Happened To CT ???

    Well here I go with my 2 pence worth. I would really like to say that CT isnt what it was. Never no one around. You sign on you feel like billy no mates AND NOW WE HAVE ADVERTISING FOR GAWWD KNOWS WHAT :bawling::bawling: PLEASE PLEASE CAN WE HAVE THE OLD CRUISE TALKING BACK No...
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    Coffee/Tea in Cabin

    Hi I have a friend travelling on the Divina, in two weeks time. She would like to know if there is a coffee/tea machine in the cabins, she is in a Balcony cabin on deck 11. (or will she need to borrow mels kettle) :dancing_banana:
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    I haver managed to upload some photos, from our recent cruise, Dubai to Venice, they are in my album. Would like to thank GMT for all his help. Mel:dancing_banana:
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    Honest this is not for me, but the couple we are travelling with can I ask and if it appears blonde......... well just had my roots done :dancing_banana: Is the gym on the Favolosa free??............ :dancing_banana::biggrinbounce2::dancing_banana:
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    Azamara Journey

    Just watching Azamara Journey on NY Harbor Webcam - A New York Harbor Scenic and Cruise Ship Web Cam I always think when you see ships you have sailed on it brings back such wonderful memories. I think Journey is part of the Titanic remembrance.
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    Suitcases are now down and dusted, just not opened yet :rolleyes: Last time we were on Luminosa I did take a travel kettle......... I just love a ciggy and a coffee in the morning (makes a happy mel), I know its not allowed:eek:, but I left it out in the stateroom and was never pulled up on...
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    Happy Easter

    HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE :boldlblue::boldlblue::boldlblue: bb
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    Muster Drill

    I am now putting the finishing touches to our up coming cruise, (getting slightly manic, but shhhh) We arrive in Dubai at 10pm, and set sail at 6pm the following day, trying to arrange a big bus tour, but then had a thought (a mel moment), does anyone know what time the muster drill will be? I...
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    Having visited Naples twice doing pompeii and Herculaneum, I really want to visit again. I am reading a book called the Heart of Capri, and would love to visit soon to catch the ferry to Capri. I read the book the Island, and we booked the OV2 as I wanted to visit Crete as the book is set on the...
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    Bed Configuration

    Hi Wonder if anyone can please help, the couple we are travelling with need single beds, I believe the beds are either or in all cabins, can I request this online for them, or do I need to ring Costa. Hope someone can help, been looking on the Costa site but dont seem to be able to find what...
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    MSC or Costa

    Just looking at a cruise for September and found that MSC Divina as a good one. Just wondering how MSC compare to Costa? Any help would be welcome :)
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    New to Cruise Talk

    Hi to everyone.:dancing_banana: