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  1. Pam in CA

    royal carribean sale.

    Sold my shares. :( I generally like all ships and have a 14-day cruise booked for December on the Pacific Princess, 670 passengers. I've taken several river boat cruises as well with 100-300 passengers.
  2. Pam in CA

    The good and bad

    Jack, I took a repositioning cruise last October from Vancouver to Ft. Lauderdale. Yes we had some sea days but there were plenty of ports and things to do. It was a good combination of sightseeing, relaxing on a beach, and sea days. :)
  3. Pam in CA

    How far in advance

    Keep watching for sales. Even Crystal is having a few offers that are "interesting." :) The new Viking ships have some intriguing itineraries to Norwegian fjords, the Baltics and France. I think their itineraries start in 2015. There might be introductory sales.
  4. Pam in CA

    Carnival Fascination 08/24/13 - 08/29/13

    Jack, that is so cool! Lori, you're going to have a great cruise. Once you're hooked, it's hard to think of any other vacation that's more fun and good value.
  5. Pam in CA

    The good and bad

    Love repositioning cruises! I've done several Europe-to-US and a couple of Pacific-to-US. And, I have two more booked. I think you have to enjoy sea days in order to enjoy a repositioning cruise as they usually entail a lot of sea days in a row, sometimes as many as eight sea days. There are...
  6. Pam in CA

    Do you remember

    My first "cruise" was in 1955 on a Norwegian coal freighter from the former Reksten line from Norfolk, VA to Rotterdam. It was ten days each way. Don't remember the name of the ship but it was brand new after having just made her maiden voyage to the US. She was about 300-ft long and didn't have...
  7. Pam in CA

    Must have's for Alaska

    I've found that fleece is excellent for Alaska. It's lightweight, easy to pack, warm without being hot and can be layered. I have a couple of fleece vests I bought from LL Bean years ago that are perfect under a windbreaker. Last May, I brought a lightweight cowl-like neck warmer that I could...
  8. Pam in CA

    How far in advance

    I've heard very good things about Oceana. Several friends have cruised on them and thought they were terrific.
  9. Pam in CA

    What is on your cruise wish list?

    I'm very fortunate to have done so many things on my bucket list. Don't know how many more "exotic" cruises I'll take as flying very long distances is getting less exciting and more expensive. I tend now to cruise with friends rather than destinations. I love longer cruises with lots of sea...
  10. Pam in CA

    NCL GEM January 11, 2014

    Sorry, no. :( Have a great cruise!
  11. Pam in CA

    Changes I noticed in cruising

    Great observations. :) There's no doubt cruising has changed over the years. Some are good changes, some are less so. The "good" changes: open dining. Gone are the days that if you had early Traditional dining at night, you had early breakfast seating in the morning. If you missed breakfast...
  12. Pam in CA

    Original 1972 built ' Pacific Princess ' to scrape yard

    Oh, no! The "Love Boat" going to the breakers. So sad.
  13. Pam in CA

    msc Armonia cruises cancelled

    Thanks for the update. Looks like a number of cruise lines are canceling calls in Egypt. Some friends on a cruise in a couple of months check their itinerary daily to see if Safaga and other ports are still on it.
  14. Pam in CA

    Vitamins and Supplements on Cruise

    No problem bringing supplements onboard. Cruise lines don't care what's in your suitcase as long as it's not weapons or alcohol. :) Just don't put them in metal containers that could be misinterpreted by Security. If you can bring it onboard an airplane, you can bring it onboard a ship.
  15. Pam in CA


    Ronald, you'll enjoy this cruise. I have to admit that there were a few negatives on the Diamond but they didn't affect my overall enjoyment of the cruise. I had a less than stellar cabin steward who couldn't keep requests straight (he delivered the robe I'd requested to another cabin) and kept...
  16. Pam in CA

    How do you like our new forum layout?

    Rick, is there anything specific you don't like about it? Is it harder for you to find content? Is it confusing? Most people cruise a region so the goal is to have content related to that region in one place: itineraries, what to see, shore excursions, etc. Suggestions are helpful and...
  17. Pam in CA

    No Winter 2013 - 2014 asian cruises for Aegean Odyssey

    Thanks for the update! :)
  18. Pam in CA

    What is your favorite and least favorite

    I think I've cruised about 500 days total on a variety of cruise lines. Out of all of them, my cruise on the Amsterdam to Antarctica is one of my all-time favorites. :)
  19. Pam in CA

    The CruisingTalk Coffeeshop

    Perhaps because everyone (Brent excluded) loves seeing a couple in love having their first child. It's extra special when it's Royals who appear "normal", well-grounded and have charisma. Not to mention being the recent Godmother of the Royal Princess. :)
  20. Pam in CA

    Huge Waves Onboard Norwegian Pearl [VIDEO]

    I love being on a ship and feeling/looking at the waves. I'm fortunate that I've never gotten seasick so I love it when I can feel the ship's movement. I've had aft balcony cabins a couple of times and spent practically every waking (and sometimes snoozing) hour watching the waves.