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  1. Enrique

    Welcome to the CT team, Ron!

    It is with great pleasure that we announce that G.M.T. (Ron) has joined the CruisingTalk.com staff team as Chief Steward. Congratulations on your promotion, Ron. We look forward to working with you! :thumb:
  2. Enrique

    New Member - Denise

    Welcome to CT! Enjoy your stay! :)
  3. Enrique

    Wendy here!

    Glad you decide to join us, Wendy! Welcome aboard! :)
  4. Enrique

    Get well soon Ron!! (GMT)

    Get well soon Ron!
  5. Enrique

    Happy Birthday Enrique!!

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes... I had a great birthday! :)
  6. Enrique


    Welcome to the family, Bluesy! Glad you found us! :)
  7. Enrique

    Welcome to the CT team MrsLinarcos!

    We are excited to announce that Deborah (MrsLinarcos) has joined the CT team as Chief Steward. Welcome to the CT team Deborah! :)
  8. Enrique

    New to Cruise Talk

    Welcome to CT, Boy Blue! Glad to have you aboard! :)
  9. Enrique

    The CT team is growing!

    We’re thrilled to introduce two new CT team members. Please join me in welcoming Tanya and Kathy to the CT team as Chief Steward! Congratulation on your promotions! :)
  10. Enrique

    Our Ryndam cruise review

    Hi Rita. Look for a small "edit" button right below the title of your review. You are also welcome to PM me what you would like added and I will take care of it for you. :)
  11. Enrique

    Capricruiser (also Ally)

    Welcome to the family, Liz. Glad to have you aboard! :)
  12. Enrique

    New to Cruising Talk

    Welcome to the family, Pete! Enjoy your stay! :)
  13. Enrique

    Capricruiser (also Ally)

    You are stuck with us now! I hope you know what you have gotten yourselves into! :dancing_banana: :biggrinbounce2: Welcome guys! It is a pleasure to have you here with us. :thumb:
  14. Enrique

    Hello all!

    Welcome aboard, JoeyTino. Glad to have you with us! :)
  15. Enrique

    Costa Concordia aground!

    This is a horrible, unfortunate incident. My thoughts and prayers to the family and all those involved.
  16. Enrique

    What's better than a cruise?

    Glad to have you with us, Ruby! Welcome to CruisingTalk! :)
  17. Enrique

    Missing posts following server change

    The server move has been completed. Unfortunately, some posts made this morning were lost during the DNS propagation. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.
  18. Enrique

    Scheduled Server Move - 1/11/12 @ 10:00 PM CST

    We have a server move scheduled for tomorrow, January 11, 2012, at 10:00 PM CST. Some downtime is expected. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  19. Enrique

    Private Messaging Limitations (for new members)

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note: This rule only applies to new members with a post count of 19 or less. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unfortunately, due to the abuse...
  20. Enrique

    Bon Voyage Mary (alphakitty) & Ken!!! Voyager o/t Seas

    Have a great time on your cruise, Mary! :thumb: