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    Freestyle vs. Traditional Cruising

    I have taken five cruises, my wife seven, and with the exception of her Windjammer they have all been traditional. We will be on the Norwegian Sun this November; chosen because most of its stops are places we have not been before, its departure port is convenient for other plans, and it has a...
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    Which Cruise Line Has the Best food?

    I as this question knowing full well that it is likely to generate a heated exchange.:fork: A while back I used to hang out on alt.rec.crusies (yes, I am that old), and waaaaay back then Celebrity had the best culinary reputation, in part because of some reportedly spectacular desert known on...
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    Help identifying an NCL ship

    In January of 1983 my wife and I took an NCL Mexican cruise (Cancun, Cozumel, ????). Neither of us can remember which ship it was. Does anyone know what it might have been?