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  1. Solent Richard

    Queen Mary 2 Trans Atlantic Review.

    This was to be our first opportunity of sampling Queen Mary 2 following her 'Re-Mastering' Refit. Our plan was to cross the Atlantic and spend Christmas in New York before flying home. As always, Queen Mary 2 was decorated with considerable style for the Christmas cruising season... As...
  2. Solent Richard

    Carnival Dream Review - Digital Postcards

    This was our first time with Carnival. The idea came to us two years ago while visiting a caribbean Island with another cruise line and witnessing the fun that a group of passengers were having. Now we always have fun but in George Town, Cayman Islands, these folk were taking it to a new level...
  3. Solent Richard

    Santorini - your guide from Solent Richard

    Santorini has to be one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Mediterranean and I have recently published on my blog a guide on what to see, how to get to the places of interest and a number of alternative ideas if you have already visited the island. There are also over 80...
  4. Solent Richard

    A Taste of Seabourn

    I really can't help you there Neil, The Western med was like a mill pond. The devil looks after his own.
  5. Solent Richard

    A Taste of Seabourn

    My wife and I recently completed our first Seabourn cruise on the Sojourn. The week long cruise was entitled 'Yachtsman's Mediterranean. We joined Seabourn Sojourn in Monte Carlo having booked 'cruise only' and making our own way there with a BA flight to Nice. As equally attractive as the...
  6. Solent Richard

    Why choose Cunard?

    A little late on the scene to answer the OP but in the interest of future readers I'll make a contribution to this thread. Without any doubt I'm a Cunard fan and to date have some 247 nights on board with them covering five Cunard Line ships. Cunard do offer a sophistication and ambiance that...
  7. Solent Richard

    Small ship cruising?

    Good morning John. Having not previously heard of 'Blount Small Adventures I took the liberty of googling them and I believe this may be the itinerary you are considering... https://www.blountsmallshipadventures.com/2016-islands-castles-and-canals-boston-to-montreal/ That sounds wonderful. My...
  8. Solent Richard


    Great news Brent. Anything I can do to help? I've some great cruises coming up with Scenic (River), Seaboard and Queen Mary 2.
  9. Solent Richard

    A shore excursion to Salem

    The name Salem has been synonymous with witches and witchcraft since 1692 when a puritanical mania spread through what was in those days a harsh Puritan coastal community. Today, Salem is a colourful coastal city, located at the mouth of the Naumkeag River, some 25 miles north of Boston. My...
  10. Solent Richard

    Hapag-Lloyd's Europa 2

    A few weeks ago I was invited to take a tour of Hapag-Lloyds Europa 2 while it was visiting Southampton. I had already cruised on this superb ship... ...and have already booked a further cruise on her for 2017. So rather than the invitation being offered as a way of introducing me to the...
  11. Solent Richard


    Welcome on board John. I was beginning to wonder I was on the Mary Celeste.
  12. Solent Richard

    How's about Phuket?

    Phuket, on the Western coast of Thailand is attracting a number of cruise ships for day visits. Phuket is basically a holiday destination for visitors who really want to enjoy the sun, sea and sand: a beach style holiday with a fast night life. That's not always what cruise passengers like and...
  13. Solent Richard

    An introduction to Viking Star

    In 2015 Viking entered the Ocean Cruise market with their built for purpose Viking Star. The Viking Star is an elegant and beautiful ship run on relaxed lines, offering exceptional food and service, and a smart casual dress code. The company’s ethos is that your ship should be built to...
  14. Solent Richard

    First time here!

    Hi Lia. I'm new on here as well but I'm beginning to wonder if this is the Mary Celeste.
  15. Solent Richard

    How do you like our new forum layout?

    It's very good but after being here a week it does need a report button to help eradicate the SPAM advertisements which can only do the site harm.
  16. Solent Richard

    Halifax on your own

    This time last year my wife and I visited Halifax, Nova Scotia while on board Queen Mary 2. This was our second visit to the famous port that is also home to Cunard's founder, Sir Samuel Cunard... His statue features just outside the cruise terminal which is conveniently situated at one end...
  17. Solent Richard

    Skagway Alaska

    Good PEB. I'll take the opportunity to add some pictures to your Skagway thread if you don't mind. When my wife and I cruised Alaska on Regent Seven Seas Navigator Skagway went down as the best stop. The Whitepass Railway was an amazing journey and we were so pleased we completed it right up...
  18. Solent Richard

    If you always cruise with one cruise line, what would tempt you to try another one?

    For me itinerary is now the most important factor with one exception - trans-Atlantic crossings on the Queen Mary 2 being it. Then the ship is the destination. But to answer the OPs question more specifically, I would guess curiosity as to life onboard a different cruise line and the...
  19. Solent Richard

    Falkland Islands visit

    It's some years since my wife and I visited The Falklands Islands but I don't see too much information regarding them so I'll open up a new post. We visited while on board Celebrity Infinity and as a Royal Naval veteran it was for me a pilgrimage. Port Stanley necessitated a tender...
  20. Solent Richard

    European River Cruises

    Good morning Defed. Sorry I can't help you with a comparison because up till now I have always booked my European river cruising with Viking though that is about to change as we are going to give Scenic a chance later this year. We have always been very satisfied with Viking for all our...