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  1. OceanBreeze13

    Is there such thing as a day cruise?

    Most cruises I see are at least 3 to 4 days long. I was wondering if day cruises exist or are those only reserved for people with their own yachts? :king:
  2. OceanBreeze13

    Sinking Cruiser Anyone?

    Whenever I see a larger than life boat with hundreds of people on it, I just can't help but to think of the Titanic. I know with the technology these days, the likelihood of boats sinking has drastically lessened. But I'm sure it still happens, even if it's 1 out of every billion cruisers...
  3. OceanBreeze13

    Cruise Anniversary

    I'm planning my 10 year anniversary and I've always wanted to do it on a cruise/yacht. I know the costs will be substantial but I've been saving just for the occasion. My only concern is, how many of our family and friends would really avail themselves for 2-3 days to celebrate with us? I want...
  4. OceanBreeze13

    Singapore to San Francisco

    I've found a cruise that takes me from Singapore to San Francisco, making stops in places like Hong Kong, New Zealand, Sidney, and Bora Bora. It's due to set sale on January 31 of 2012. All together I'll be visiting 8 ports in 11 countries for 48 nights. I'm guessing I'd have to book a flight...
  5. OceanBreeze13

    Hello Sailors! Newbie here...

    Hey everyone. Glad to be here. I recently moved from the US to Asia. I'm now on a mission to visit all surrounding islands in the South Pacific region: from Thailand to Malaysia, Japan to Singapore, Philippines to Hong Kong, and the list goes on. Here's the kicker...I'm doing this with three...