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  1. Peebeegee

    The Camera Doesn't Lie?

    Before choosing any cruise I try to do a bit of research on any ship and find virtual tours helpful; well until now. There is a virtual tour to view on www.cruisedirect.co.uk and I was checking out Grand Princess for a friend and Sapphire Princess for myself. It looks like the same customer went...
  2. Peebeegee

    Uh oh.....Crown Princess in trouble....

    Same design as Grand but they added another deck; maybe a case of "A Deck Too Far" :o Cheers. Paul
  3. Peebeegee

    Other Port Cams

    ...should be obvious but this is the Flaam web camera and the proof of it's view;) Cheers. Paul
  4. Peebeegee

    Saga Rose on the BBC

    If he tries to paint anything on board on the aft open decks I would just love to see the results:eek: :eek: Boy does that ship shake and rattle - and I'm told it rolls too! Cheers. Paul
  5. Peebeegee

    Dani reaches 2,000 posts!

    "and viola!" :roll: To the sound of musical instruments I add my stunned congratulations. Cheers. Paul
  6. Peebeegee

    Pictures of cruiseships.

    "Is that a bit of rust I see on the bow of Sea Princess. " No Stephen: it's a logo they seem to have added. The attached was taken in St.John's Antigua last December with Jewel of the Seas alongside. Cheers. Paul
  7. Peebeegee

    P&O Arcadia Fjords Cruise Keith & Marion

    Could it have been the pitcher deal that attracted Keith? Strange that my local should also be a Duke - but of Edinburgh instead:joy: Cheers. Paul
  8. Peebeegee

    Pictures of cruiseships.

    Great pictures Erik but I bet you could not move in town with all those ships in at the same time:eek: Thank goodness there are only 2 next Tuesday:D Cheers. Paul
  9. Peebeegee

    MSC Musica delivered

    Just in case anyone is interested MSC will be showing the christening by Sophia Loren live on their website www.msccruises.co.uk on Thursday 29th at 18.30 U.K. time. They took out a full page colour advert in one of our better papers so are really pushing this8) Cheers. Paul
  10. Peebeegee

    You never know what you may see?

    ...then again it might just be Zuiderdam - see attached Cheers. Paul
  11. Peebeegee

    Another Virus Outbreak

    "the Tv was in the water." Any TV in any cabin I have used was at least 3 feet off the floor so how deep was the water:? If they can't even get it right for a Staff Captain what chance do we mere mortals have? More seriously though you cannot give a jab to prevent the spread of Norovirus so any...
  12. Peebeegee

    Captain flies to Venice on May 15 for Grand Princess

    Two large cruise ships in port on the same day; I just bet the criminal elements of the Neapolitan population, and there are quite a few, are over the moon about the prospects for rich pickings. Just consider the following reference: Organised crime is deep-rooted in Naples. The Camorra, the...
  13. Peebeegee

    Queen Victoria

    Sorry to disappoint all you "Royal" fans out there but HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second (or the baked bean as she is known to members of her protection detail - seriously - just think cockney rhyming slang:D ) is chartering one of the Hebridean ships for a family holiday but I forget which. Beats...
  14. Peebeegee

    NCL first quarter financials

    Simple really! Profit is the resultant figure when you deduct expenses from income. To be fair that is more than a little simplistic but overall it holds true. Thus you have the situation where either the income was insufficient to cover the costs (too few cruises sold at a realistic price) or...
  15. Peebeegee

    Navigator Of The Seas

    As an absolute guarantee you could not be Bored. then again one never knows does one? Paul
  16. Peebeegee

    Captain flies to Venice on May 15 for Grand Princess

    "water taxi ride into the city" I hope the Captain does get to go by water taxi. We went by bus and there sure is no comparison. Then again we were on MSC:duh: Cheers. Paul
  17. Peebeegee

    QM2 in Hamburg (6th to 9th May 2006)

    This is maybe not the right place to post this photo but it seemed O.K. to save opening up a new thread. For those who have wondered about the relative size of QM2 this photo was taken from the balcony of our cabin on deck 8 (Emerald) of Island Princess looking across the roof of the terminal in...
  18. Peebeegee

    Night Time Panama Canal Transit

    The transit was scheduled but it was meant to be daylight. We never received a satisfactory answer as to why it got altered and, as you can imagine, there were a lot of unhappy cruisers. We ended up moored off Panama City until something like 18.30. Since the ship was not full scuttlebut put it...
  19. Peebeegee

    Costa Allegra off to China

    24th October 2004 while waiting to be taken to the airport to fly home. If you check your calendar you will find that was a Sunday hence various comments about Papeete on a Sunday:D Not a lot open but,fortunately, the pub was:joy: Cheers. Paul
  20. Peebeegee

    Night Time Panama Canal Transit

    For those who have not been through at night just look at what you have missed:D Seriously though I probably would not recommend it and our's was unscheduled. The final shot is leaving Gatun Locks and heading out into the Caribbean. Time - 01.30:eek: Cheers. Paul