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  1. Peebeegee

    The Camera Doesn't Lie?

    Before choosing any cruise I try to do a bit of research on any ship and find virtual tours helpful; well until now. There is a virtual tour to view on www.cruisedirect.co.uk and I was checking out Grand Princess for a friend and Sapphire Princess for myself. It looks like the same customer went...
  2. Peebeegee

    Night Time Panama Canal Transit

    For those who have not been through at night just look at what you have missed:D Seriously though I probably would not recommend it and our's was unscheduled. The final shot is leaving Gatun Locks and heading out into the Caribbean. Time - 01.30:eek: Cheers. Paul
  3. Peebeegee

    Lifeboat Drill.

    The recent accident on Star Princess prompted me to think back about the way lifeboat drills were handled on our last few cruises and the memories are more than a little disturbing not necessarily for us but for new cruisers. MSC Opera - MSC Cruises - 59000 tons. We were all assembled at the...
  4. Peebeegee

    Norwegian Star Mexican Riviera 21-29 Feb

    Embarkation: Being on a Cruise Only basis we made our own way to the terminal by 12.15 and were in our cabin by 12.50 which is good and in fact faster than we managed to check-in to our hotel in Las Vegas post cruise! It may have helped being non U.S./Canadian citizens since their queues were a...
  5. Peebeegee

    NCL Booking Terms

    This thread relates to the problems Star is having and the resultant changes to her Mexican Riviera itinerary which is why it is on this Forum. Briefly this can be summed up as saying that she cannot go fast enough to reach Acapulco, the headline destination of these cruises, so they have...
  6. Peebeegee

    What a good idea!

    Just imagine the following situation which we all have been in: On a cruise ship and you want to send an email. Go to the computer room and find yourself a free screen. Put your cruise card in the slot and then sign on to Microsoft Notepad. Type your email as long or as short as you want it to...
  7. Peebeegee

    Century refit

    I just received an email offering a mini cruise on the newly refitted Century next June; it seems they are adding 314 new balconies and 14 new suites amongst other improvements. Now that is what I call a major refit and it puts her on our list of possibilities for a future cruise although I will...
  8. Peebeegee

    This must be a record!

    Having just returned from seeing my friend off on his way home, I thought I would compile a log of his cruise year and the statistics it reveals are fairly staggering. He boarded MV Discovery in Auckland on the 1st March 2005 and, 78 days later, disembarked in Harwich, England. He then made his...
  9. Peebeegee

    Where is everybody from?

    For those who are old hands on this forum "yes you have seen this before!" But this is with a variation:D The introduction of Google Earth makes this a far more interesting question since now you can "see" where members live and that is far more interesting, at least to me, than simply a place...
  10. Peebeegee

    MSC Opera review

    As the thread instructions suggest this is a report of the "highlights" of our recent cruise on Opera in the Eastern Mediterranean. Getting to Venice from London took 10 hours which is ridiculous but was organised by MSC. We boarded 15 minutes after the ship was due to sail and, by the time we...
  11. Peebeegee


    I just received my copy of the Princess cruises brochure for 2006/2007 to "Exotic Places". Knowing that they had transferred Royal to P&O and were likely to do the same or similar with Regal, I was more than a little interested to see which ship they planned on covering the South...