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  1. MissMolly

    Compromised immune systems

    A friend of mine has a very compromised immune system due to a battle with leukemia. While she appears to be cancer free now, all the chemo and radiation has left her immune system fried. She would love to go on a cruise but is afraid as she has to try to avoid germs until her immune system...
  2. MissMolly

    Know anyone who won't cruise because they saw Titanic?

    We have friends who are deathly terrified to go on a cruise ever since they saw the movie, Titanic. We've tried to tell them that things are a lot different today compared to back then but they won't even consider it. They worry like crazy whenever we leave for a cruise.
  3. MissMolly

    Mid-level cabin

    I never take the most luxurious suite nor the lowest price cabin. I spend very little time actually in the cabin so I don't feel the need to spend a fortune getting a huge suite. At the same time, if you try to go with the cheapest one on board, you end up sleeping in a broom closet. I've...
  4. MissMolly

    Why nothing starting from up north?

    Why is it that no cruises start up north to get down to St. Bart's and other islands in the Caribbean? Everything goes out from Florida that I've found. I understand that the northern Atlantic is cold during the winter, but I don't see why there isn't any cruises starting up in Boston during...
  5. MissMolly

    Good golly, Miss Molly

    That's what my students call me so my husband is always saying that! I have experienced some shorter bay cruises and a couple of riverboat casino cruises but have yet to do any real ocean cruising. We're saving up to take our first for our anniversary this coming fall as it will be our 25th.