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  1. MissMolly

    Carnival Perks would you pay extra?

    None of those things would be important enough to me for me to pay extra for the privileges. I do hope that priority boarding/disembarking will not be an extra fee for those with disabilities, like it is with most airlines.
  2. MissMolly

    Removal of artifacts from passenger shipwrecks....yay or nay?

    I voted yes. What is the purpose of leaving all this stuff at the bottom of the ocean? Most wrecks can provide salvage that gives us a glimpse into the past and many pieces would be of historical interest.
  3. MissMolly

    Princess Mediterranean itinerary changes......are you affected?

    I would be upset if it was my booking. Monte Carlo is too popular a destination to do something like this without a very good reason. They're going to have a lot of very unhappy customers.
  4. MissMolly

    Know anyone who won't cruise because they saw Titanic?

    I think it's silly but I guess it's like all the people who won't fly because people get killed in plane crashes. I'm all like "do you KNOW how many people are killed in car crashes?" I guess people just get weird sometimes.
  5. MissMolly

    What happens if you are late for dinner

    I'm glad so many more cruise lines are offering a more freestyle approach to things. I like a more laid back atmosphere plus I seem to get hungry at odd times compared to most people.
  6. MissMolly

    Compromised immune systems

    A friend of mine has a very compromised immune system due to a battle with leukemia. While she appears to be cancer free now, all the chemo and radiation has left her immune system fried. She would love to go on a cruise but is afraid as she has to try to avoid germs until her immune system...
  7. MissMolly

    Favourite Part Of Cruise?

    Can I just say all of the above? I guess if I had to choose one thing it would be the atmosphere. There's just something amazing about being in the middle of the ocean and watching the stars come out or watching the sun rise across the water.
  8. MissMolly

    F.C.O. Condemns Argentine Cruise Ships Refusal.

    If the port had a reason to refuse entry, why have they not put that out there? That's what I can't understand. They're hurting themselves because word gets around and soon no ships or other tourists will go there.
  9. MissMolly

    Know anyone who won't cruise because they saw Titanic?

    We have friends who are deathly terrified to go on a cruise ever since they saw the movie, Titanic. We've tried to tell them that things are a lot different today compared to back then but they won't even consider it. They worry like crazy whenever we leave for a cruise.
  10. MissMolly

    NCL launches new youth programme

    I think it's smart of Norwegian to be instituting the new program and the separation levels. A lot more people are cruising with the family today than there used to be and kids need some time separate from parents while on vacation.
  11. MissMolly

    Unofficial Cruise Etiquette?

    Really, wouldn't it just be the same as anywhere else? Be polite, respectful of others and use some common sense. Although, now that I think of it, there aren't too many well-mannered people on the streets, either, so I guess many would need to be taught.
  12. MissMolly

    Group cruising....would you go?

    I think going as a group would be cool but I think I'd prefer a group of friends over family. Unfortunately, with our family, someone always ends up arguing and ticking people off.
  13. MissMolly

    Motion Sickness problem on Smaller Ships.

    It can make a difference to some people. I don't get the least bit of seasickness on anything big enough to hold 50 people or more, unless we hit rough seas. However, put me on a smaller boat on the ocean and I'm heaving over the side and miserable.
  14. MissMolly

    Mid-level cabin

    I never take the most luxurious suite nor the lowest price cabin. I spend very little time actually in the cabin so I don't feel the need to spend a fortune getting a huge suite. At the same time, if you try to go with the cheapest one on board, you end up sleeping in a broom closet. I've...
  15. MissMolly

    TD 12 - East of Madagascar

    You know, I never really thought about this before but what happens if a storm comes up like this? Do the ships change course to go around it? Or would they wait it out in the closest port?
  16. MissMolly

    Prosecutors want new warrants in 28-year-old cruise ship terror case

    Clearly the US is not the only government to know how to waste money. This seems completely silly and waste of taxpayers' dollars (or francs, in this case) to try people that they don't even know are alive.
  17. MissMolly

    Why nothing starting from up north?

    Why is it that no cruises start up north to get down to St. Bart's and other islands in the Caribbean? Everything goes out from Florida that I've found. I understand that the northern Atlantic is cold during the winter, but I don't see why there isn't any cruises starting up in Boston during...
  18. MissMolly

    Ports of call - who is responsible for passenger safety when ashore?

    I voted all of the above but I don't think all are responsible for any given incident. Like if I were mugged in port, I wouldn't blame the cruiseline unless this turned out to be something that was common.
  19. MissMolly

    Should cruise lines cancel port calls if an incident occurs involving passengers?

    I voted yes but I don't think that should be done unless there is a pattern of incidents. I mean, occasional robberies or other problems are bound to happen but if it's a pattern of violence or crime, then I absolutely think the cruise line should stop calling at that port.
  20. MissMolly

    Cruise ship pools & jacuzzi's & young children.......?

    Parents should be minding their children and I don't see why the crew shouldn't speak to them if they aren't. However, I also think that you choose the atmosphere when you book the cruise. If you don't want to deal with unruly children, perhaps you should avoid family-friendly cruises.