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    Cruising and Foreign Dispute

    If you book a cruise and pay for it, then afterwards some type of foreign dispute breaks out making it dangerous to travel there, will the travel agency you booked with refund your money?
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    Age and Cruising

    In your opinion, how young is too young to cruise? Alternately, how old is too old to take a cruise? Lastly, to which age group do you think cruising is marketed the heaviest?
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    Disney Cruise vs Disneyland/Disneyworld

    How does a Disney cruise differ from Disneyland/Disney World, in terms of activities available for kids and adults? I'm curious because our son's birthday is coming up soon and we are considering a Disney vacation so that he can "meet" all his favorite cartoon characters.
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    Eclipse amenities

    I read a review recently of the Celebrity's Eclipse liner. According to the review, the ship features (among other things) a fully-functional glass-blowing studio and a Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics show. For those of you that have taken a cruise on this liner before, what are your thoughts...
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    Cruising On A Budget

    We are saving up for our first cruise, but honestly, we don't know exactly how much to save. We know we'd like to take a cruise of about 7-10 days to see ancient Rome and Italy. Can someone make a suggestion of a reputable travel agency so that we might contact them to get an idea of how much to...