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  1. Neil

    CMV Another new ship !

    The British style cruising company CMV have announced that they will take delivery of the ex P & O Australian cruise ship ' Pacific Eden ' in April 2019 which will be re-named ' Vasco de Gama ' and increase their fleet of classic cruise ships to six ! No price was disclosed ! This cruise...
  2. Neil

    What is important to Cruiselines? Customers or Profit?

    The new mega size cruise ship earn much profit for the companies owning them ! After the Directors have been paid massive amounts then the shareholders get some of the profit ! Carnival Cruises started with three second hand passenger ships in the 1970's. Now look at the size of the Carnival...
  3. Neil

    Two ex Princess Cruises ships in the port of Sydney, Australia

    Picture of when the 1990 built 63,786 ex ' Star Princess ' , which now sails as the flag ship for the UK company ' CMV Cruises ' and is named ' Columbus ' , joined the 1984 built 44,348 grt ex ' Royal Princess ' which now sails with ' Phoenix Reisen Cruises ' as the ' Artania ' were in...
  4. Neil

    CMV Cruises new flag ship from May 2017

    The 1989 French built 63,786 grt classic cruise ship ' Columbus ' joined the CMV Fleet in April 2017 and had been made the new flag ship of this fleet of Greek owned classic cruise ships which operate on the UK market and from Australia. She was ordered for ' Sitmar Cruises ' but passed to the...
  5. Neil

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Hi Harold A lot of websites now have links on Face book which seems to be reducing the postings on here . Besides my own two Face book websites I post on about three other websites on Facebook which are connect with P & O and Princess Cruises besides the ' Trip Advisor ' website and here so...
  6. Neil

    Happy New Year to all my friends.

  7. Neil

    Happy New Year to all my friends

  8. Neil

    Happy New Year to all my friends

  9. Neil

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Hi Harold. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU. I had heard that the NeoClassica was coming out to cruise between Florida and the Bahamas with their other ship. Now for some REAL new news lol - The CMV Cruises three star 46,052 grt 1,400 passenger classic cruise ship, which now has 125 single cabins, is...
  10. Neil

    Merry Christmas to all my friends !

  11. Neil

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Hi Harold Bahamas Cruise Line are said to have aquired the ' NeoClassica ' but not checked on her movements or when they take her over. If it is them then they do two day cruises between Florida and the Bahamas but may be different ports to their present ship which has been chartered for US...
  12. Neil

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    After being laid up at a German shipyard in Bremerhaven for the past seven months the ' Minerva ' moved out the port on Thursday 28th September 2017. According to a restricted trade website I use all her safety certificates have been updated and she has been sold ! Her new owners are shown as...
  13. Neil

    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    Moving off from Singapore on Friday, 29th September 2017, was the ex ' Voyager ' ! She head through the Straits of Malacca at 13.5 knots so it is looking as if all the financial problems with regard to this ship have been settled and her new Mexican owners could now be operating her. She is...
  14. Neil

    Saga Cruises Final Voyage ' Saga Pearl ll '

    Hi Carly Agree about the ' Marco Polo ' and ' Astoria ' but the ' Marco Polo ' is out of service for about four months in October and the ' Astoria ' which is Portugese owned is drydocked in Lisbon every year and is maintained in very good condition by her owners who charter her to CMV...
  15. Neil

    Buying Books On Line !

    For those of you who buy books on line, I would not recommend 'Abe Books ' ! I placed an order for a book and they took my money straight away. Two days later I was told the book is not available and would I like something different which I did not want ! It took nine days to get a refund as...
  16. Neil

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    Hi Harold Latest news now is that the ex ' Costa Neoclassica ' could be coming out to operate between Nassau and Miami, or a nearby port, after her Indian cruises ! .
  17. Neil

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    From the looks of the ' Qing ' at the shipyard, where there is also an abandonded floating dry dock which is also partly sunk, I do not think she will have a future as with that gunport door open in the picture she will have flooded inside and that will be the finish of her engines and...
  18. Neil

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    There has been talk of a new cruise service from India around the Indian Ocean and also Sri Lanka, so with her finishing her time on Indian cruises that is where she could go but will have to wait until her ownership is updated and I am not expecting that to be any earlier than when she is...
  19. Neil

    Costa Neoclassica Sold !

    Hi Harold. She is finishing off with a series of cruises from Mumbai before being withdrawn. I use a trade website which tells me the owners, inspection details, and survey details with expirey dates for various certificates so when that changes I will know. With the new classic flag ship...
  20. Neil

    Hapag Lloyd to loose the ' Hanseatic ' !

    It has been announced that the 1991 built 8.378 grt deluxe cruise ship ' Hamseatic ' will leave the Hapag Lloyd fleet in the Autumn of 2018. After refitting she is to be operated by the Canadian company ' One Ocean Expeditions ' . Picture of the ship attached - .