Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite Review

I recently had the opportunity to sail on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and experience their Crown Loft Suite firsthand. Choosing the right suite for a vacation can make all the difference, so I wanted to share my insights with fellow cruisers who may be considering this option.

Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite Review

The Crown Loft Suite is an impressive two-story suite with floor-to-ceiling windows offering breathtaking views of the ocean. Upon stepping inside, I immediately felt a sense of luxury, thanks to the contemporary furnishings and spacious living arrangements. This suite is an excellent option for those who desire privacy, comfort, and modern amenities during their cruise vacation.

During my stay in the Crown Loft Suite, I was particularly impressed by the thoughtful layout and attention to detail. The lower level featured a comfortable living area, a dining space, and even a private balcony. Heading up the staircase to the second floor, I was greeted by a luxurious bedroom and en-suite bathroom, complete with a standalone soaking tub and walk-in shower. This sophisticated design and ample space made my time at sea feel like a true escape from everyday life.

Location and Layout

Deck Placement

Deck Placement - Royal Caribbean Cruise

When I stayed in the Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite, one of the first things I noticed was its deck placement. The suite is located on the higher decks of the ship, offering amazing views and easy access to the top-deck amenities. From my suite, I could just step out and be close to the pools, the Solarium, and the sports deck.

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Suite Configuration

Suite Configuration - Royal Caribbean Cruise

The layout of the Crown Loft Suite is truly unique. As soon as I walked in, the high ceilings and natural light won me over. The suite is designed with two floors, connected by a modern staircase. On the ground floor, there was a spacious living room with comfortable seating and a dining table. Additionally, there was a bathroom and a floor-to-ceiling window that provided breathtaking views of the ocean.

Heading up to the second floor, I found the master bedroom with a king-size bed, another bathroom, and a balcony overlooking the living area below. This layout allowed me to enjoy both privacy and an open, airy feeling throughout the suite.

For added convenience, the Crown Loft Suite has plenty of storage space in both the bedroom and living area. This made it easy to keep my belongings organized and accessible during my stay.

The Crown Loft Suite certainly provides an upscale and unique experience on a Royal Caribbean cruise. With its exceptional deck placement and well-thought-out configuration, I truly made the most of my time on board.

Room Amenities

Bedroom and Comfort Level

During my stay in the Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite, I immediately noticed the high ceilings and abundance of natural light, which contributed to an airy and spacious atmosphere.

The bed was incredibly comfortable, and the linens were soft and plush. I found the climate control to be top-notch, allowing me to adjust the temperature to my liking. Overall, the bedroom area provided a tranquil and relaxing space to unwind after a long day of activities on the ship.

Bathroom Features

Bathroom Features - Royal Caribbean Cruise

The bathroom in the Crown Loft Suite did not disappoint either. The full-sized bathtub was a welcome addition, especially after a long day of fun and adventure. Ample counter space made getting ready in the morning a breeze, and I appreciated the luxurious toiletries provided.

The rainfall showerhead was also a nice touch, offering a spa-like experience. While the bathroom might not be the primary reason to pick a suite, it certainly added to the overall enjoyment of my stay.

Entertainment Options

Entertainment Options - Royal Caribbean Cruise

In my downtime, I found the entertainment options in the Crown Loft Suite to be more than sufficient. The flat screen TV was versatile, offering a variety of channels and on-demand movies.

When looking for some background music, the suite came equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which was perfect for connecting my phone or other devices. Wi-Fi was also available, allowing me to stay connected, share my vacation experience on social media, and even do some light work.

To sum it up, my stay in the Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite was filled with a variety of top-notch amenities, which made my vacation experience even more enjoyable. From the comfortable bedroom to the well-appointed bathroom and impressive entertainment options, this suite provided an elevated cruise experience.

Exclusive Suite Benefits

During my stay in a Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite, I was able to experience a range of exclusive suite benefits that made my trip more enjoyable. In this section, I will be highlighting some of these perks that stand out: Concierge Access, Priority Check-In, and Deboarding.

Concierge Access

One of the best perks of staying in a Crown Loft Suite was having access to the concierge service. I appreciated that the concierge was available to help me plan and book excursions, make dinner reservations, and answer any questions I had about the cruise.

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The concierge team operated from the Suite Lounge, which was a private area for suite guests to relax and enjoy complimentary beverages and snacks. The lounging space made it easier for me to socialize with other guests in a quiet environment while being assisted by the attentive staff.

Priority Check-In

When I arrived at the cruise terminal, I was delighted to find a separate check-in area designated for suite guests. This allowed me to skip the regular lines and experience a much quicker and hassle-free boarding process.

The priority check-in felt like a VIP treatment, as I didn’t have to wait in long queues, and I could enjoy my vacation sooner. Shortly after boarding, I was able to access my Crown Loft Suite and start exploring the ship.


Towards the end of the cruise, the deboarding process can often feel chaotic and rushed. However, as a suite guest, I was happy to experience priority deboarding.

This meant that when the ship docked at a port, I could disembark before other passengers, giving me extra time to enjoy the destination or avoid the rush during the disembarkation process. Additionally, on the final day of the cruise, I was among the first to leave the ship, making for a smooth and stress-free end to my vacation.

Throughout my stay in the Crown Loft Suite, these exclusive benefits significantly enhanced my cruising experience. The attentive service from the concierge, priority check-in and deboarding, and access to private amenities made my time aboard the Royal Caribbean ship even more memorable and enjoyable.

Dining Options

Coastal Kitchen Access

During my stay at the Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite, I was fortunate enough to have access to the exclusive Coastal Kitchen. The food quality and service at this restaurant were impeccable, outshining my expectations. Compared to the main dining room, Coastal Kitchen was several steps above in terms of offerings.

I loved the wide variety of menu options, and it was delightful to have this restaurant exclusively available for suite guests like me. My only regret is not eating more of my meals there, as it vastly improved my dining experience onboard.

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Complimentary Room Service

Complimentary Room Service - Royal Caribbean Cruise

As a Crown Loft Suite guest, I was also treated to some perks when it came to complimentary room service. Not only did I have access to the full breakfast, lunch, and dinner dining room menus for in-room dining, but I could even experience private breakfast and lunch seating in specialty restaurants.

The convenience of having a variety of meal options delivered straight to my suite made it easy for me to enjoy my vacation to the fullest. Plus, with such a luxurious suite, it was lovely to relax and indulge in delicious food without needing to leave my comfortable haven.

Overall, the dining options available to me as a Crown Loft Suite guest enhanced my experience on Royal Caribbean, offering both convenience and culinary delight.

Value for Money

When I was doing my research for the Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite, I stumbled upon some pricing information. The fares I found for a Royal Loft Suite on a weeklong Christmas 2023 sailing on Oasis of the Seas started at more than $20,000 per person (based on double occupancy). A few weeks later, the same cabin costs nearly $11,000 per person.

On a four-night Bahamas cruise on Allure of the Seas, the suite was priced at $4,000 per person. These prices may seem high, but considering the suite’s offerings, I wanted to weigh the value for money.

First and foremost, the Crown Loft Suite itself is truly impressive. The ample space available includes two bathrooms, a living room, dining room, and a separate master bedroom. The high ceilings and natural light in the Crown Loft Suite make it feel even more spacious than it already is. I appreciated that there was enough room for a family to comfortably stay in this suite.

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Additionally, booking a suite like the Crown Loft Suite comes with some attractive perks. Guests in these suites enjoy free WiFi, exclusive lounges, priority boarding, upgraded mattresses, and in-stateroom coffee makers, among other things. I found that these extra benefits added a distinct level of comfort and convenience to my experience.

One factor I had to consider was that some family suites on Royal Caribbean can be quite pricey, even reaching up to $30,000 for a week. The Crown Loft Suite, while still an investment, provides an excellent balance of luxury and value for the cost.

In conclusion, I felt that the Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite offered a fair value for the money spent. The suite itself exceeded my expectations, and the additional perks and benefits made my cruising experience all the more enjoyable. It might not be the ideal option for all budgets, but for those who can afford it, I found the Crown Loft Suite to be an incredible choice for a memorable vacation.

Potential Drawbacks

Potential Noise Issues

During my stay in the Crown Loft Suite, I noticed a few potential noise issues that might bother some guests. Due to the high ceilings, sounds from above seemed to be amplified.

It wasn’t a major issue for me, but light sleepers or those particularly sensitive to noise might find it less enjoyable. If you’re worried about noise levels, I’d recommend packing some earplugs or even a white noise machine to help mitigate the sounds.

Limited Availability

Another drawback I noticed with the Crown Loft Suite is the limited availability. These suites are popular due to their spacious layout and fantastic design, which means they often book up well in advance. I had to reserve my suite several months ahead of time and even then, my preferred dates were not available.

If you have your heart set on staying in a Crown Loft Suite, I recommend booking as early as possible to secure your spot. Keep in mind, though, that prices can be higher for these sought-after suites compared to other accommodation options on Royal Caribbean ships.

Despite these potential drawbacks, it’s worth considering the Crown Loft Suite for your Royal Caribbean adventure. The impressive space and luxurious amenities are hard to beat, but just be mindful of potential noise issues and the need for advance booking.

Is a Crown Loft Suite Star Class?

Is a Crown Loft Suite Star Class?

The Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite is definitely star class! It’s an opulent accommodation option that offers luxury and comfort at its finest. This two-story masterpiece boasts a modern design that’s sure to leave you breathless. From the spacious living area to the private balcony with panoramic ocean views, every inch of this suite exudes luxury.

The amenities and facilities available include a full list of concierge services, advanced technology, and an iconic location that Royal Caribbean has chosen to offer you this unforgettable experience. The Crown Loft Suite is perfect for an extended family or group of friends, with ample living space for everyone.

This luxurious experience is worth every penny, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-end accommodation option. So, if you’re looking for a truly unbeatable luxury experience, look no further than the Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite.

How Many People can Sleep in Royal Suite Class?

How Many People can Sleep in Royal Suite Class?

If you are planning to sail with Royal Caribbean and wondering how many people can sleep in one of their Royal Suite Class accommodations, we have the answer for you. Depending on the suite category you choose, these luxurious rooms can accommodate from two to six people.

The Owner’s Suite, for example, can comfortably accommodate up to four guests, while the Royal Loft Suite can host up to six guests. All Royal Suite Class staterooms have comfortable bedding, spacious living areas, and most importantly, lavish bathrooms that will make you feel right at home.

The amenities available in each room vary depending on the category and size, but you can always expect deluxe bathroom toiletries, Nespresso coffee makers, flat-screen TVs, and other luxury touches.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, a getaway with friends, or a family vacation, Royal Suite Class can offer you an unforgettable experience. So, gather your loved ones and indulge in the ultimate luxury while cruising with Royal Caribbean.

Is Royal Caribbean Suite Class Worth it?

Is Royal Caribbean Suite Class Worth it?

So, you’re considering booking a Royal Suite Class accommodation with Royal Caribbean but wondering if it’s worth the extra cost? Let me tell you – it definitely is! You’ll be treated like royalty from the moment you check-in to the moment you disembark.

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Firstly, the level of personalized service you receive is incomparable. You’ll have your own personal concierge to assist you with every need and request, from making spa reservations to booking shore excursions. The amenities and facilities available in the suite itself are top-notch, with premium bedding, deluxe toiletries, and state-of-the-art technology.

Plus, the extra space and comfort that come with these accommodations make for a truly relaxing vacation. But the real value of Royal Suite Class is in the exclusive access it provides. You’ll have priority access to onboard facilities such as specialty restaurants and private lounges.

sYou’ll also have priority embarkation and disembarkation, allowing you to skip the lines and start enjoying your vacation as soon as possible. In short, if you’re looking for a truly luxurious and exclusive vacation experience, Royal Suite Class is worth every penny. Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Do Suite Guests Get Priority Boarding?

Do Suite Guests Get Priority Boarding?

As a suite guest with Royal Caribbean, you’ll have access to numerous exclusive perks, and priority boarding is one of them. This means that you won’t have to stand in long lines and wait for everyone else to board the ship – you get to skip the lines and start experiencing your luxury vacation as soon as possible.

With priority boarding, you’ll be able to start enjoying the amenities and facilities available on the ship right away, without any delay. Being able to board the ship early is especially important if you want to secure the best seats at the restaurants or book the most popular shore excursions.

It also allows you to relax and settle into your suite without the crowds and noise that come along with later boarding times. So, if you’re looking for a stress-free and enjoyable boarding experience, Royal Caribbean’s suite class is the way to go. Experience the luxury of priority boarding and start your vacation in style.

Final Verdict

I had the opportunity to stay in a Crown Loft Suite on one of my recent Royal Caribbean cruises, and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The sheer amount of space truly made it feel like a home away from home, with separate areas for dining, relaxing, and sleeping.

The two-story design is both practical and unique, with a spacious master bedroom and en-suite bathroom situated on the upper level. I appreciated the privacy this setup offered, and I never felt cramped or confined during my stay. Moreover, the additional downstairs bathroom was quite convenient when getting ready for the day or winding down at night.

One of my favorite aspects of the Crown Loft Suite was its fabulous balcony. It offered stunning views of the ocean, and I spent many peaceful mornings sipping coffee and soaking in the sight of the waves. Further, quick access to the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen made dining experiences on the ship very convenient and enjoyable.

However, it would be remiss of me not to mention that the staircase in the Crown Loft Suite may not be suitable for everyone. The 15 steps are somewhat narrow, which could be a concern for those with mobility issues or small children in tow. Apart from this consideration, I found the suite to be a comfortable and luxurious accommodation.

To sum it up, my stay in the Crown Loft Suite was an absolute pleasure. The combination of ample space, distinctive layout, and exclusive amenities provided a truly memorable vacation experience on Royal Caribbean. While the staircase may be a limiting factor to some, I personally found the suite to be worth the investment for the enhanced cruise experience it offers.

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