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Recent content by Warner Athey

  1. Warner Athey

    Getting a Summer Job on a Cruise Ship

    What would be your ultimate goal? Are you more interested in the engine room or the deck? Do you want to become a captain or an officer? If you want to be a deck officer you should take the color blindness test first. Don't worry you don't have to study for it. Either you are color blind...
  2. Warner Athey

    When to book ?

    Cruise ship owners like to fill them up. They will lower the price if they have to in order to fill up the cabins. You can get some really good bargains and low prices if you are flexible on the date you can't to cruise and what ship you want to go on. In this case you want to go on your 40th...
  3. Warner Athey

    What draws you to Celebrity

    Celebrity ships are faster that Carnival. I went to Bermuda from Norfolk on the Celebrity Horizon. It took us 2 nights to get there. We will be going to bermuda on the Carnival Splendor. The Splendor takes 3 nights to get to Bermuda. It is much slower.
  4. Warner Athey

    Free drinks on Celebrity Eclipse

    If you don't want alcohol you can get free coffee and tea. There is no rule against bring a carton of Coca Cola on board. Ships have water makers so the water on board is excellent to drink. They also give you free ice creme . You can make yourself a milk shake. You can get free lemon aid...
  5. Warner Athey

    Original 1972 built ' Pacific Princess ' to scrape yard

    You would think somebody would have wanted this ship for a floating hotel. It could also been used for a movie set.
  6. Warner Athey

    No more topless deck

    I love that cat.
  7. Warner Athey

    Topless Deck

    I think they do this to accommodate European passengers. In Spain and France do not require women to wear bathing suit tops on the beach. If they take a cruise they may not have a top to put on. This gives them an area where they can still get a sun tan. It is only one area of the ship so...
  8. Warner Athey

    Royal Caribbean drinks prices

    How would these prices compare to prices at a resort on land? I know alcohol sales are an important part of the cruise lines profits. Not being a drinker I don't have to pay them, but I thank the people who do. If they charged less for drinks they would have to go up on the cruise price. I...
  9. Warner Athey

    1970 Built ' Song of Norway ' to breakers

    Well it looks like it is the swan song for the Song of Norway. Too bad they couldn't find some other use for it like a hotel.
  10. Warner Athey

    Do you think Carnival cruise line still has the 'Party boat' image?

    One more tip. If you cruise a lot on Carnival buy some CCL stock. You not only get your dividends but they will give you an onboard credit every time you cruise. I tell everybody to buy stock in Carnival. You know Carnival owns about 100 ships.
  11. Warner Athey

    Do you think Carnival cruise line still has the 'Party boat' image?

    After every cruise Carnival will send you a survey asking what you liked or did not like about the cruise. This is ok but I think they should also ask you what would make the cruise better. When I was running my tour boat I was always on the look out for ideas. I was looking for things...
  12. Warner Athey

    Do you think Carnival cruise line still has the 'Party boat' image?

    After going on a few cruises with Carnival I noticed that they seem to taylor the program to fit the age group of the passengers on board at the time. If a ship is full of people who look like they are on social security they cut down on the loud hard driving music that they usually blast you...
  13. Warner Athey

    Sattire! Somali Pirates refuse to board Carnival Cruise ships

    Noah had to put up a sign saying not affiliated with Carnival Cruise Lines.
  14. Warner Athey

    Celebrity Reflection

    Thanks Neil. i would love to take a cruise on that ship.
  15. Warner Athey

    St Marteen Excursion?

    You can take a boat tour, or swim or hang out at the beach and get a tan. St. Marteen is an island that has two countries. There is a French side and a Dutch side. You can swim on either side. If you don't mind seeing bear breasted women you can go to the French side. Other wise go to the...