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Recent content by viality

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    New Here

    Hello I am new to the forums. Saw this forums while looking on Google. I was thinking if I should post my cruise journey on here but the audience doesn't seem to be a lot and I was looking through the forums, it seems like not many people are active anymore.... Maybe I'll just create a blog or...
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    New member here

    Hey guys. I am new to the forums. Just recently signed up. However, may I ask, where is everyone??? There's no new posts and the latest threads seem to be from 2017!!
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    Where Are You Going This Year?

    Hopefully to Malta.
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    TA review/trip report on Celeb Eclipse

    Thanks for the review. Looks like you had a great time!
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    What is important to Cruiselines? Customers or Profit?

    Obviously both. Great service= more customers. More customers= more chances to improve their service. But of course, profit first above all.
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    Two ex Princess Cruises ships in the port of Sydney, Australia

    Cool!! Would love to go on one of these cruises someday :)